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I was trying to get an email address for someone. It says it's protected by Cloudflare. On the page that explains that, it seems to indicate you can decode the email address if you have Javascript enabled (which I do), but doesn't say how. There are three links on that page, too, but they just link to the very page they are on. (???)

So what's up with the Cloudflare stuff?

Russell Campbell
2017-03-14 (Pi Day!)

Hi Russ! This is a service by Cloudflare to prevent email address harvesting. What page is that? -- Steven Black

Hello Steve,

Suggestion for a new one line directive: #REVERT
for pages that get hosed by spammers.
If it's the first iteration of a topic it would be the same as #DELETE.

Make sense?
Randy Bosma [2015.03.17]

Great idea, thanks Randy! Steven Black
Hi Admin,

I'd like to know if it's appropriate to post an announcment of a free FoxPro compatible, MS ActiveScript compliant, Script Engine (supporting HTML, ASP, and WSH xBase scripting) on this web site, and if, where/how?


Ron (ron at ronpinkas dot com)

Sure, be my guest, good luck with your product. -- Steven Black

Forgive my ignorance, I saw 3rd party products listing, but I didn't find how to add to the list an entry, and how to associate such entry with the full description?.

Just add the string "Category Third Party Products" anywhere in the topic. -- Steven Black
By the way I tried to search on ""Creating DSNs" (no quotes) and came up with no finds yet there is a topic named "Programmatically Creating DSNs". -- Jim Nelson
Hi Steve,
I did a vanity search in google (search on own name) and noticed that google indexs the edit pages on your wikis. There are direct links to the pages where we edit the wiki. For an example, see entry 10 from
This seems less then optimal, folks should see the good version first.
Maybe robots.txt, maybe the html tag (meta name="robots" content="noindex") in the edit page.
Tom Cerul [2004.08.03]
Hi Steve, Ne steve'i yaw :D
At the botton of the page says " low-impedance, fat-free ", maybe some people (like me? *g* )needs an extra advice... " could cause addiction " :-D -- Esparta Palma [2003.03.29]
Hi Steve,
Your site has helped me tons! Thanks you very much. The wiki concept rocks! Your site rocks... if I can help in anyway... either to maintain or mirror your site... let me know. [email protected]
Hi Steve,
What is the principle of setting the namespace of a topic? For example I wish to create a topic with namespace People, what should I do to ensure this? Zlatin Zlatev [2002.08.13]

You need to know a little trick :-). You tell the wiki you are a Volunteer Housekeeper by clicking this link: __ IAm AVolunteer Housekeeper. This tickles your Wiki cookie, and thereafter you'll see namespace assignment links in the title block of each topic. -- Steven Black
Would it be possible to add a link to the Transclusion Report to the Who Am I topic, or combine the two?
Randy Bosma [2001.11.08]
Excellent idea, Randy.-- Steven Black
Hi Steve,
Every time I update Who Am I (my cookie), it says that it's stored the info, however, when I log back on at a later date, my cookie is empty, hence, I can't personalise my messages. Can you advise what's wrong?
Peter Easson
I have checked my browser to allow cookies to be stored etc etc
Try physically deleting from your Temporary Internet Files directory, then try again. Note that the VFP, VB, and SQL wikis are separate cookies.-- Steven Black
Hi Steve, I've tried to create a new Category just writing
the category+name. It seems to work but it does not appear in the
general Category List.
Categories are refreshed out of process. It can take up to five minutes for a new category to appear in the Category list, although it's seen immediately in searches... -- Steven Black
Why does the url flip between "?wiki~" and "?webtalk~"? -- ?CFK
Maybe sometimes you are coming from Fox Forum and that referral's not updated yet... We're still supporting these URLs for a while.-- Steven Black
z _ To Pics
z Topic Pruning
I see you added Wiki Fox Forum Home Page for suggestions on making home page better. Bravo... I vouch for the home page driving me away at first (too bad I'm too much of a geek to stay away for long ;) ). It doesn't fit that "where do you want to go" mentality like is typical these days. But with this new wiki page for suggestions, I'm not sure what you want? Should we add suggestions to what's there or fix/redo/make-better right there in that Wiki? -- Roxanne Seibert
Just mock it up as you'd like to see it, and I'll probably cut and paste it verbatim right into Fox Forum Wiki. I think it was Arnon that made that Wiki Fox Forum Home Page topic...-- Steven Black It was jMM, now that it turned out to be a good idea. :-)
cool... I started to do that but then I thought with my dumb luck I would screw up the real home page. Thanks for quick response! -- Roxanne Seibert
I find this Wiki to be in need of a more convenient front page for visitors to see right off the bat what's here, and how to get where they are wanting to go. =)
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