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A VFP based tool that allows complex search expressions. To download goto this topic Wiki FTPDirectories to get the login to the ftp server and select and once the ftp site is open, go to the Files folder and get the zip file.
The zip file doesn't seem to be there. Is this a download available to the general public? -GuyPardoe
[2004.09.05] Guy - looks like there was a moving of the ftp locations a while back. The link is now upto date. df
To run it in VFP simply do form wikisearch

The form allows you to select one of the Transcluded Wiki or enter a URL for other Wiki sites that use Steve's Wiki engine.

The search expressions support the binary operators: OR AND NOT, listed in order of precedence. ( ) can be used to group subexpressions.
listview and imagelist All topics that contain both listview and imagelist
listview or imagelist All topics that contain either listview or imagelist
listview not imagelist All topics that contain listview and do not contain imagelist
listview and imagelist or treeview All topics that contain both listview and imagelist along with all the topics that contain treeview
listview and ( imagelist or treeview ) All topics that contain listview and either imagelist or treeview. The parenthesis are needed to group the ORed items together.

All of the source code is inside the form so you can see the details of how it works. The expression is converted from algebraic notation to reverse Polish notation by the InfixToPostfix method. Individual XML based queries are run for each search word and a cursor is created. The cursors and combined using the OR, AND and NOT operators by the expression evaluator in the WikiSearch method. The GenerateHTML method builds a local file to display the search result, the links take you back into the Wiki site.
Note: Steve is planning on integrating the expression evaluator right into the Wiki engine itself sometime in the future. The performance will improve, the locally generated result page would no longer be needed and the client side dependence on VFP will be eliminated.
This should be considered a beta release so comments and questions should be discussed here:
Nice work! I found it to be very fast! -- Alex Feldstein
case this.cWiki = Fox" && this should be SQL -- Fixed 02-Dec-00 830 EST and in the new zip. df
I tried to use it, but I got the message "Declare DLL call caused an exception." in line 70 ( lnOK = Internet Read FileOffsite link to
( lhUrlFile, @lsReadBuffer, LEN(lsReadBuffer), @lnBytesRead) ).
[2001.04.24] Does it always throw this error? What version of IE do you have installed? -- df
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