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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
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Edits with quote marks used in the edit summary aren't always processed. Problematic summary was "VisualFoxProNameResolution"? (including quotes and question mark)

Namespacing of multiple pages seems to only work one way. Example: Job Postings in the VFP namespace brings up a hint in the top-right linking to Job Postings in the DotNetOffsite link to namespace. However, the corresponding link in the DotNetOffsite link to namespace points into the DotNetOffsite link to, not VFP, namespace.

Good catch! I'll put this on the list to fix. Thanks! -- Steven Black

(Linking to IntelliSense Custom Scripts Table Field List creates an edit link even though the topic exists) - seems to be fixed. -- Stuart Dunkeld

isbn needs a spece, which gets eaten.

ISBN: 0201633612
ISBN: 0201633612

-- cfk Hey Steve... long time!

"Topics changed in the past 48 hours" lists deleted (using the DELETE macro) pages. When cleaning up "vandalism"/mistakes (people adding pages with just "Please describe PaperSize here.", for example), this makes for an incomplete cleanup, and I don't see any way of explicitly removing the topic or updating "Topics changed in the past 48 hours". -- Peter Crabtree

Huh. It's gone now. Maybe I'm just seeing a cache getting slowly updated? -- Peter Crabtree

That's correct. The 48-hour list, as well as the Category lists, are updated every 10-minutes or so. -- Steven Black

https links don't make links:

[2006.03.06 12:38:09 PM EST] CK: This was reported already - read below an entry of mine from [2005.09.12] -- Alex Feldstein
Still tweeked - todays page: Remote View Of SP

The new < pre >style screws up the text on the rest of the page. pages that used to be readable now require left/right scrolling. example: With - ?cfk

Can you elaborate please? I'm not seeing any obvious problems with With -- Steven Black

Go to With, size the browser window so that this whole line can be seen: "?.OtherProperty && forgot ... by accident!" That is the longest line, so you should be able to read everything, but notice that the text above starting "I'm not so sure..." goes out of view. you have to scroll to the right to see it. - ?cfk

I'm not so sure that it is the pre codes screwing up the width, but rather the GoogleAds are hardcoded to 728 pixels width, so the body text does not wrap if you shrink your browser narrower than that. -- ?tr
I don't think it's the googleAds: I think its just because there's a long line inside a PRE. The PRE, by definition, does not wrap lines, so if you size your browser narrower than the PRE, you have to scroll right to see the end of the long lines in the PRE. The rest of the page seems to me to wrap to the proper current width of the browser window. (IE 6.0) - wgcs

RandomTopics is an empty page -- Stuart Dunkeld Fixed, thanks! -- Steven Black
[2005.09.12 10:09:06 AM EST] "https" protocol URLs do not automatically become links, as "http" does. -- Alex Feldstein
[2005.07.20 08:48:22 AM EST] The wiki topics with '&' (ampersand) in the name cannot be found when clicking on the History link.
Full IP addresses in page history.

Maybe this behaviour is intentional? Unless you've filled in your identity on Who Am I then your full IP address is shown in the page history, unlike Recent Changes which blanks out the last three digits of the IP address.
I modified this page today (3/22/05), saved it with the "Include page in Recent Changes list" box checked, and it didn't show up on the front page under topics changed within the last 48 hours:

I edited and saved again just now; still won't show up. What gives?

-- Ken Dibble

Hi Ken. The recent changes list on the home page is refreshed every 10-minutes or so. I just noticed that this process was hung. Fixed, thanks. The Recent Changes page is in real-time.... -- Steven Black

Thanks, Steve. -- Ken Dibble
Somebody created Biz Obj and left it empty. I redirected it to the pre-existing Business Objects topic.
Now Biz Obj, because it is redirected, shows wih an "external link" icon. I think it should not add this icon automatically when the redirection is within this wiki. -- Alex Feldstein

Hi Alex, I changed #REDIRECT to #REDIRECT BusinessObjects and it now shows as expected. The http:// is not necessary to redirect inside the wiki, and currently the wiki parsers assume that http:// means "elsewhere". I've put this on the fix list. -- Steven Black

Ahh. Simple fix. How come I didn't think of that? < g > -- Alex Feldstein

Stale < NEW=2453105 > tags litter the source. I am staring to become reluctant to put them in because I don't like taking them out later. -- cfk (I put these in bug reports because they are an undesrivable side effect of some feature, which to me is a bug.)

I could easily remove old < NEW > tags, but I'm remiss to do that since these are also pseudo date markers that are sometimes useful. -- Steven Black

Hmm, so I shouln't be removing them as I come accross? Personally I find them anoying when I am editing text. -- cfk
The Kategory parser should skip everything that's inside a link. We have a really wacky category because of this page: Set Relations To Two Tables -- ?wgcs
Fixed. Thanks! -- Steven Black
The Isbn Linker feature causes theISBN phrase to "stick" to the word before it if no number is found after it.
It seems to happen only the first time ISBN is found on a page without a number. -- wgcs
I noticed (in Wiki Features) that ISBN ignores the preceding space but not if within quotes as in: "email addresses and ISBN numbers" -- Alex Feldstein
It happened again to Scan End Scan. luckly at the Contribuitors line, so no real content was lost. Hmm, the MetaContent was: Catagories - those things that make bind the wiki together like The Force. -- ?CFK

[11/01/99] Steve did the topic Visual FoxPro Links get abnormally truncated? -- ?df
The same thing happened on one of the studygroup pages. just so happens I had a local copy.
I think it is caused by the following:
1. hit edit
2. make change to the top
3. hit save before the whole text is loaded into the edit box.
-- ?CFK
I fixed the topic. Anybody have any Ideas for addressing what Carl says. Carl, how'd you ever figure that one out?! -- Steven Black
Render the save button last - after everything else has been loaded or make sure a certain amount of time has elapsed between the time the topic is retrieved and the time the topic is saved. -- Mike Feltman
Steve - WAG alert can you use a script using DownloadComplete to trigger the enabling of the Save buttons? -- ?df
How about a constant (like #the end#)that is appended to the end of the text that gets removed on save? If it isn't there, the save fails. -- ?CFK
I like this idea, but why not include something like:
< input type="hidden" name="CompleteLoad" value="*" size="0">

at the very bottom of the page. Then look for that on topic update. This way we won't have to see #the end# in the topic text and, shouldn't need any scripting. - ?lc
Thanks for the great suggestions! I've got Javascript code that solves this problem, but it runs interference with other scripting code used in another private wiki I host. I think I'll focus on fixing this problem come this weekend...-- Steven Black
Did this ever get fixed? (I'm just trying to clean up the bug reports page...)
(Parenthetical web page references sometimes have the first parenthesis captured as part of the hyperlink) ( does it sometimes ) I can't get it to do it here, but at the bottom of Wiki About, this line: a place to buy bras and swimwear (Danish company) ( was the next best for wiki ref site)
was doing it, until I added a space between "(" and "http".

Using the first-line # RENAME # directive causes the next-loaded page to be empty, as if the topic by the new name were empty, rather than seeing the renamed topic. On refreshing again, the old topic with the new name finally appears. - wgcs
Cookie problem revisited: Setting the Volunteer Housekeeper cookie killed the Who Am I cookie, which I had to then reset -- Alex Feldstein
Putting "& lt; /textarea >" into a topic could really mess someone up on an edit. "& lt; /textarea >& lt; textarea >" can get even wierder. -- Mike Helland

This can be fixed by encoding the & lt; textarea tags on the outbound form. Send & lt;/textarea> and & lt; textarea> instead. When submitted, the text will ccome back as & lt; /textarea> and can be stored as such in the topics table. - ?lc

@..GET shouldn't parse to an email address... - wgcs
Whether you appreciate this as a bug, or maybe the concerning guidelines should be changed (I keep it on the latter) I don't know, but something is not working as promised;
Having fought with jMM the other day, and today with CFK (though he didn't notice), today I very carefully watched what happened (already expecting ...) :
One (?CFK) starts editing, and I get the message at the top of the screen. Immedeately (this was my test) I refreshed all there is to refresh (starting at Recent Changes) and as quickly as I could I Edit again;
This second attempt didn't show the message at the top of the screen anymore. So this is what I state :
The warning-message appears only one time for subsequent attempts
I put in my text, looked if is was there with a "yes" and waited ...
And yep, after a few minutes my text was gone, and CFK 's text was there.

Though I refreshed all, this should have nothing to do with it (a new Edit IMO just reads the actual data).
Of course the warning is clear, and one should wait a few minutes (in fact 5) after having it. However, the way it works (now) is worthless because no matter how long you wait, if the other is still editing - and your second attempt doesn't show the warning anymore (which it just never does), you lose your text. If you are slow yourself, the other loses the text.
Now please don't think that the occasions of last days (with explicit testing today) all are the coindicence of the elapsing of the 5 minutes. Please note also that with this last test I had to edit a number of times again because of seeing some misstakes afterwards. All these occasions there was no warning anymore (yep and CFK took a rather long time editing).
I think my cookie knows that I received the message already (on the topic ? don't think so ...);
Or better : When I start Editing, the sole fact that I edit is written inside of the topic, and since it was me, I won't get the message.
If I think of how it works, I guess that a well-working procedure might be :
When you see the warning at the top of the screen quit editing immedeately; dummy-edit another topic, and then try again; when the message has gone it's save to edit, unless the other person takes more than 5 minutes for editing. Thus, never take more than 5 minutes yourself, and always prepare your text elsewhere, and copy it in the wiki-editor.
Ref. the previous [UPDATED], this won't be a procedure at all. Now I can think only of just not allowing the Edit once the message appears, or don't register that I started Editing in this situation. However, once I continue (latter suggestion), for me it'll work fine, but others don't see me anymore.
My conclusion : don't allow the Edit in this situation or someone loses.

Whether I am right or wrong on what and where, please ReFactor this into something which is true for the right way of working.
-- Peter Stordiau
My transclusion choices for the new B2B namespace are not saving. -- Bob Archer
I need to revisit cookie management, but in the meantime, if you delete your cookie and reselect your options you should be gold. -- Steven Black
I tried to put Edit~WikiSandBox in the personnel wiki footer, but it truncates everything after the ~. -- ?CFK
Right you are, thanks, I'll fix that. -- Steven Black
Did you forget about me? ;)
[2000.11.07] Steve - the topic Basics Of Consulting Chat Log is set to NOPARSE because it's so big. When I tried to categorize it tonight I was using an explicit A HREF link and the category page ended up showing an item KategoryConsulting>KategoryConsulting intentional typos to prevent generation of a category. When I took out the A HREF and just did a normal category entry it's not creating a link. How do we work around it (I'm using a CODE tag at the moment)? Can you stop all parsing inside A HREF and it's closing /A tag? -- ?df

Went back and took out the code tags. Category links working properly. -- Cindy Winegarden
also from Msde Setup - the little program under Client Setup wasn't formatting right. I has to do with the location of the < pre> tag. If it is on a line by itsself, it is fine (but that causes extra blank lines).

It seams to be related to the extra links before the < pre> ???
DECLARE Integer SQLConfigDataSource IN odbccp32.dll Integer, Short, String @, String @

Try to get rid of the blank lines and well, they don't go away, but still no line break...
DECLARE Integer SQLConfigDataSource IN odbccp32.dll Integer, Short, String @, String @

It seams to be related to the extra link before the < pre> ???

Setting Up ODBC Connections for the Client User
DECLARE Integer SQLConfigDataSource IN odbccp32.dll Integer, Short, String @, String @

I tried making a SQL Config Data Source topic, and that changed where it breaks. - ?CFK
This is the way it is with < pre >. Try it in a vanilla HTM file. Those extra blanks are free, and I've found no way to avoid it.-- Steven Black

OK, I can live with the extra lines, but did you see in example 3 where it breaks the line of code into two parts?
Font tags are not being automatically closed in < pre> sections. (i think they used to??) see the bottem of Msde Setup where there is a < font color="black">, but then it reverts back to purple cuz the pruple that was never closed from the code above it. -- ?CFK
It seems this problem has something to do with multiple Font clauses on the same paragraph... Only one < /FONT> ever gets placed per line. -- ?wgcs
Makes for a collorfull page though ;) - ?CKF
< PRE > are sacrosanct, and the parsers don't do anything therein. So it's by design, I'm afraid.-- Steven Black
as seen on Vfp Data Types mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\Microsoft%20Visual%20Studio\MSDN\99OCT\1033\foxhelp.chm::/html/condata_and_field_types.htm

Notice that this 'link' consumes the text following it untill someone puts a bogus < /a> -- CFK
Steve - we really need to be able to enter HTML escape sequences and have then survide an edit cycle. In the Text Merge topic I should be able to enter & l t ; (without the spaces) to stand for a < so that two of them < < can be used to markup the code sample showing the replacement fields. If I enter the escape sequence it shows fine on the page right after the save, but when the page is next editted the escape sequence has been changed to the single ASCII characer and the subsequent save hoses things because it's interpretted as an HTML tag. We really need this ability to be able to show HTML snippets and other VFP code samples where a < symbol is needed. -- ?df
IT's IE5 that's doing this to you... It changes the < to <, as it just did right here. I'm open to suggestions but there is little I can do if folks enter & l t ;...-- Steven Black
Steve - are you sure it's IE? I edit a page and type & l t ; and save it. If you do a view source on the page it shows the content to be the escape sequence. Then I edit the page and the edit window has < instead of the escape sequence. Is the editbox at fault? I can try this from Netscape once I get to the office. -- ?df
Yes, I think it's the editbox that does this...
Steve - well Netscape does the same thing -- ?df
If you're patient, mangling is always an option , for example: edit this -> &lt.
If your impatient, and VFP examples are your use case then a little ON KEY LABEL CTRL+U _cliptext = strtran(_cliptext,[&],[&]) might help. - ?lc
Lauren - You can't replace all < with it's escape sequence equivalent because it will break real html code on the page. The other problem is it requires everyone that ever edits that page to do the work. - ?df
Sorry, I think I may have misinterpreted what the problem was. Is this what you are after? ?lc
\\ <<lcX>>

Or, simpler,
\\ << lcX>>

Unrelated... Steve, note the tag parser is not engaging on the line above starting with "If you are impatient.." is not shutting the green font off.

I'm not sure that hacking in an "invisible" italic tag is very intuitive... and putting in the space stands the potential to alter the context for textmerge samples and definately breaks posted html sample code. - ?df

Won't my suggestion in the Wiki Wish List that I posted quite a week or two ago fix this? - Mike Helland
The first time I read it it made me scratch my head, and I didn't understand it. a day later it clicked, and I think Mike's idea will work. -- ?CFK
Okay, I'll try that. -- Steven Black

In IE, try Internet Options, Temp Internet Files, Settings, View Files, then sort by name or date and you'll see them. BTW in NT they should be in: "C:\WINNT\Profiles\{MyUserId}\Temporary Internet Files"
[2000.08.29] this page doesn't display on Recent Changes with my Who Am I setting, it shows my ip instead. ?df
I think the Wiki is just being a little temperamental tonight. -- Cindy Winegarden
Maybe it just doesn't like who I am... *LOL* ?df
Hey David. I had the same puzzling problem and fixed it by deleting my cookie. -- Steven Black
Same thing is happenign to me. it isn't saving my e-mail address either for subscribed pages. Where is the cookie stored? i'm on win2000 - ?CFK
...but deleting that old cookie works. Sorry for the hassle. This might all be related to our changing static IP addresses this week....-- Steven Black
w2k: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Cookieadministrator@fox.wikis[2].txt
I delete the cookie, set new Who Am I settings. I view the cookie, and the settings are there. I hit RecientChanges, view the cookie, and the settings are gone. ie5.5 w2k. whats up with the [2]? -- ?CFK
Ok, got it to work: shut down IE, delete the cookie, run IE, Who Am I, save, do things, settings stick. seams that having IE running in more than one window or something jacked it up. -- CFK
[2000.08.29] font tags that span paragraphs cause the font of the rest of the text to hose up a size:
this is

a test of two red paragraphs

followed by more text which will be too big. ?df
I think this is by design. See: Wiki Why It Automatically Closes Tags your < font color=red> is automatically closed at the end of the line. Thus, your < /font> is shutting off the wiki's "reg" font and causing the browser to go to default. - ?lc
Good catch guys. I should be able to fix this without too much problem.-- Steven Black
How does one use the new tag? Where does the number come from?
You don't assign the number, WIKI does. All you have to do is insert the # N # macro (remove the spaces between the #s and the N) where you want the "new" text to appear. When you are in edit mode, see the "legend" to the lower right of the edit box for other macros. -- Zahid Ali
The number comes from VFP's sys(11,date). When you save a page, the wiki does something like StrTran( lcPageText, "# N #", "sys(11,date()) ). When a page is viewed... (continued on How This Wiki Works)
Why is the following not a link? Is it because it starts with a number?
1001ThingsYouWantedToKnowAboutVisualFoxPro -- Alex Feldstein
Yup. By design, wiki links start with a capital letter or an underscore...-- Steven Black
How come when I create a new topic namespace always defaults to VFP? Sure would be nice if namespace defaulted to the same name space as originating topic. -- Rox
Unfortunately often there is no "originating topic", such as when you come from a list, or if you typed the new topic as a URL.-- Steven Black

Might a link called "History" on the order of "Edit" and "Find" be useful to automatically go to a page listing links to each revision of a page (to make finding the changes someone made easier and automated)? Since the site is under "version control" this shouldn't be too hard to implement - ?wgcs
Look for this in the near future.-- Steven Black
Is it me or something changed, adding an extra slash to http, so I show 3 slashes, rendering the link invalid? I tried from two different connections, with IE4 and IE5. -- Alex Feldstein
Do you have an example?-- Steven Black
That was quick! By any chance do you sound an alarm when this page gets modified? < g > -- Alex Feldstein
For example, when I'm editing, if I rest the mouse on most links I see the link OK. If I rest it on Recent Changes, it shows as http:///wc.dll?webtalk~RecentChanges, i.e. whith 3 slashes and without
I don't see this -- ?CFK
I just saw it in the root It's Fixed there. Alex, you still use "webtalk" in a lot of your URLS. Can you please stop that practice? "webtalk" was a prototypical name we abandoned over a year ago.-- Steven Black
__ Netscape Problem
Not really a bug, just a comment on:
Its Recent Changes page is empty and doesn't look good for publicity in such a kind of advertising site.
VFP mentioned as 1900+ topics. Should be updated to 2000+ < g >
It uses the word 'transcluded'. Would anybody visiting would know what the heck it means? Or is it on purpose so they email and ask?
Just my $.02 -- Alex Feldstein
Thanks Alex, I appreciate the feedback. -- Steven Black
Note to self: In IE3 (which I am using in an internet cafe right now) the fading NEW tags are always black. An HTML syntax issue, maybe?-- Steven Black
Can anyone out there using IE3 make a recommenation? The [NEW] tag to the left of this line should be in color. Cannot IE3 do this? -- Steven Black
Steve, Maybe it needs a literal color number. Do you still have access to IE3. If so, how is this? -- Randy P
-- Nope. Nice idea though.-- Steven Black
Something is permanently converting & lt (no space) into <, as in, I enter & lt, save, edit, and now it is a <, so when I save what was a demo html tag is now part of a real html tag. see Fox ISAPIexample -- ?CFK
Actually, it's our browsers that do this. -- Steven Black
Hmm... I see what you mean. The source of Edit~FoxISAPIexample has "& lt", but the textarea rendered it to "<". What a pita. -- CFK
I tried to create a wiki entry for MicrosoftCertifiedSystemsEngineer+Internet but when you try, the parser changes the '+' in the name to a '%20' (space) resulting in a wiki name of: MicrosoftCertifiedSystemsEngineer%20Internet. It is obviously related to the problem with VisualC++ mentioned below. -- Alex Feldstein
If you go to Fox Forum XML Message and check out the XML structure that's described there, you'll see that the reference to isn't a real Http:// address. Reason is that it screws up when I do that. No big deal, but I thought I'd let you know... -- MarkusEgger
If we say "" note how the quotes are part of the hyperlink. You have to put it like this: (edit this page to see) to make a hyperlink. This is the hyperlink.
The "++" in VisualC++ and VisualJ++ don't properly partake on links. (Try these links, for example). VisualC++ becomes "VisualC"..
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