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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
This topic is for CSS as it applies to the Wiki application. See Cascading Style Sheet for general information about CSS.
[07/20/99] Please let me know any suggestions, and how you feel, about the cascading style sheet that gives this place its new look.-- Steven Black
Okay, what am I missing? It doesn't look a whole lot different from before. I went to the URL for fonts, but I don't know which ones to download. FWIW, I'm running IE5. -- Barbara Peisch

Well, after reading some of the other stuff that's been posted, I think I'm seeing things the way I'm supposed to. It's just that it doesn't look that different from how IE was displaying it before.

Hi Barbara, if it used to display in your browser's defaut font. Maybe you are set up for a sans-serif for default, thus not seeing much change?-- Steven Black

Yeah, I think that's what was going on.
Bug: The Edit page isn't under the influence of the CSS.
Bug: Netscape isn't under the influence of the CSS specification. GD&R -- Randy P
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