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After being away for a week's vacation, I was just using Wiki in a different mode--catching up after an extended absence. (Message boards have always seemed lacking in their ability to handle this easily.) Here are a few thoughts I noted while catching up on this Wiki:
  1. Base everything on the Recent Changes page (and, depending on length of absence, on Not So Recent Changes page). It's easy to TAB from topic to topic in MSIE, and just hit Enter when the selected topic is of interest.
  2. Use the Back button throughout. This takes you back to Recent Changes with the page scrolled to where it was before.
  3. If you see a long topic that you want to read later, just Control N a new IE window and leave the window there for later use with the topic selected.
  4. I like the 10 day time constant for Recent Changes. Matches up well with a week's vacation.
  5. It seems like the Wiki time constants for the red/orange colors on the "new" tags should match the time constants for Recent Changes and Not So Recent Changes. Right now, I believe the "new" constants are shorter. (Just my opinion, Steve.)
  6. As much as the "new" indicators are helpful when you have time to visit the Wiki every day, they are even more helpful when catching up after a long absence. Please use new tags, particularly when updating longer messages!

Contributors: Randy Pearson
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( Topic last updated: 1999.11.23 11:18:34 PM )