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A discussion of how wikies should be categorized
It would be nice to be able to specify subcategories. I'm thinking of a dot notation signifying containership. ie.
- jMM
John, I just noticed that Category Modeling brings up Rational Rose, which has a Category Modeling Tools in its topic. Does this help? All we need to do, really, is rename some of our categories to take advantage of this. -- Steven Black

Hmmm, yes and no. :-) As a category grows and subcategories are added, the usefulness of the root categories would diminish. Also, how would anyone know what the subcategories were? Would another delimiter work better? - ?jMM
Maybe just a little better housekeeping could keep the Categories from overlapping (as Steve showed with Category Modeling bringing up Rational Rose when it probably should have just had a topic for ModelingTools) -- Andrew MacNeill
The new generative List Categories link produces a list of all categories currently in use... The "." delimiter is problematic, yes, because of the way the Wiki parser works internally. Would the underscore "_" be better for this? If so then we can have categories the way you suggest with minimal internal changes.-- Steven Black
I don't think it would. A search for CategegoryModeling would return all members of the category, as well as all members of the logical subcategories, but not the subcategories themselves. Because they are not actually a part of the category.

What I think we need is for a search for a category to return all members of the category only plus all direct subcategories. This would all us to drill down into the category hierarchy without being overwelmed at the top of the tree.

This would require a category delimiter that would cause cause category names to be parsed and stored differently then they are now. I'd prefer that the delimiter be a period because it is more polymorphic. A backslash would work as well but is a bit obsolete.

Since the name "Category" is already a keyword could this trigger the period specific parsing behavior needed? - jMM
It could. I hear what you are asking but I don't see the Use Case for this, in other words, what is it you need to do that you can't do now, albeit in perhaps a slightly more roundabout way? Maybe I'll feel differently when we have a few thousand topics, bearing in mind that the keeping categories straight is a pretty big maintenance item right now. The 4000-page Wiki Wiki Web at has far less capable categorizing than we have now.... -- Steven Black
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