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Newer questions at the top, please.

See also Wiki Tips For Beginners, Wiki Less Common Questions, and Wiki Common Questions Technical

How to rename a topic?

Wiki Renaming Topics

Does Wiki stand for anything?

See Wiki About

How about a list of all pages that reference the current page?

To see a list of all pages referencing a page, click the page's title.

What's the ftp login to upload images?

See Wikiftp Directories

How do I format program code?

Use PRE or CODE tags.

See Wiki Beautify for an attempt to improve code formatting on wiki.

-- But the resulting code doesn't cut/paste into the foxpro code editor.

Now it does, if your selection spans the "pre" tag.

In IE5, triple clicking on a block of code selects the whole block, and the formatting is retained when you cut/paste or even drag into an editor.

Can you change a topic name after it exists... For example, if there are two similar topics and someone wants to combine them, can they delete the one?

See #DELETE and #RENAME in Wiki Line One Directives. Also Wiki Renaming Topics.

This is a link: ( jMM), This isn't (?jMM). Why?

Not a bug :-). The parser assumes, correctly I think, that Topics will be preceeded by a space and begin with a capital letter. I could probably be convinced otherwise :-0

If you're adding to a comment or question that occurs in the middle of a page, is it better to insert your response inline, or add it to the bottom of the page?

As you please, clarity being the main concern.

Steve: What is the easiest way to create a new document. What if the topic you want to write about does not exist ? It seems to me that you always need to find a document and edit it. What am I doing wrong?

That's the way it works. If you need a place to create the reference, you can edit anything (Wiki SandBox or Test Page), add your reference, save, and proceed from there to the new link. I know it's convoluted, but most new topics come from discussion in existing topics. If you have to use a scratch page (like Wiki SandBox or Scratch Pad) you are effectively creating an Orphaned Topic and that's not ideal...

It seems that words like category have a special function, right? What other words are like this? Is there a page that describes how the use of these differs from that of other topic constructions?

Yes, topics that begin with the word Category trigger a search. For example, When I click a hyperlink like FoxPro this triggers a SEEK in Wiki's topic table. However when I click Category Books, it will query the table for all records containing "Category Books". Thus categories are quick ways to assign arbitrary searchable stereotypes to topics. Currently "Category" is the only such overloaded word though we are considering others like "#DELETE" and "#READONLY" and "#APPENDONLY" which will be Wiki processor directives that will work pretty much as you'd expect.

What if two people edit a page at the same time? Last one wins, right?

Yup, last one wins. Unless you can suggest a reliable way to lock pages without unduely freezing people out...

See Wiki Lock Pages.

Are there other Wikis around?

Yup. The best and most extensive I know, coincidentally dedicated to Object Oriented development and patterns, can be found at

Try searching on "wiki" in a search engine.

Shouldn't the Scratch Pad page be denied the checkbox (i.e. force it unchecked)? What's the point of having Scratch Pad bubble up to the top?

Scratch Pad is just a topic like any other.

I just added a page for myself, but it wound up in the VFP namespace rather than the People namespace. Is there an elegant way to fix this or should I delete the page and be more careful next time? -LaurenClarke (my appologies to the housekeepers)

Lauren, I fix these on a daily basis. You can too if you join the Volunteer Housekeepers. We have a special cookie that allows us to change these. -- Cindy Winegarden

I want to put MIMechE in my page but it comes up as MIMechE unless I use the < CODE > tag. I don't like the font effect of the < CODE >. Is there a better way? -- Geoff Franklin

You can wrap it in < ig > tags, like IveJustDoneHere. < ig > is a wiki idiom and it tells the parsers to "ignore".-- Steven Black

What is the "Email notification:" we see at the bottom part of a document page? -- Fernando Alvares

A feature that's currently not working.-- Steven Black

Why some people are recognized in both Fox.Wikis and B2B.Wikis, and some are not? -- Fernando Alvares

I don't understand the question.-- Steven Black

I just visited B2B wiki and observed at Recent Changes referencing topics at this wiki ex: Wiki Wish List (Peter Stordiau) Upcoming Events (Evan Delay) ..., and at Thursday April 05, 2001, Hyper Text (FJSA?), then if you hit Hyper Text comes the documment and at the bottom comes Fernando Alvares (with an "?"). Just curious to know why. -- Fernando Alvares

That wiki's Name Space doesn't map the namespace where your name lives. Click the Name Space link when in that wiki to see that configuration, which you inherit by default, and you can change-- Steven Black

Done. I must eat a lot of beans (brazilian saying: means that I have much to learn yet) before I start understanding this great framework! Hope someday I will. :-) -- Fernando Alvares

How do I create a page for myself that has the namespace: People?

Only certified Volunteer Housekeepers can change namespaces. How to become a certified Volunteer Housekeeper? Read and understand More About Housekeeping, then click this link: __ IAm AVolunteer House Keeper. Voila.-- Steven Black

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