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A place for questions of a more technical nature about how the wiki works.
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Getting crazy ?

Steven, earlier today I used Wiki Sandbox to add a new topic, and for as I know, I -on purpose- didn't check the Recent-changes-box. Of course I did update to get the Link in. Now my name is there on yesterday (24th 01:50 PM).
I don't mind, but maybe you should look into it ?
-- Peter Stordiau

Sorry, I don't understand the question-- Steven Black
Sorry Steven, you can't understand because I forgot about the fact that when one unchecks the Recent Change List checkbox, his/her name will be registered anyway. Stupid of me, since I put my remark on this one somewhere at Wiki's a few weeks ago. So never mind; it confused me. Getting crazy indeed. -- Peter Stordiau
IP Reporting?

I have filled out the Who Am I several times, it comes up empty each time I access Who Am I. If I've filled out the information before and access it again should the previous information show up in the fields? My name is not showing up after I change something. What am I doing wrong? Also, I don't fill in the last box about Wiki Footer. I have no idea what to put in it. Any suggestions? Do all 3 fields have to be filled in? -- Jacci Adams

I passed the MCP exam for desktop and updated my personal info. Now by my name for Recent Changes it shows most of my IP address. I'm not happy with this at all. Is there something I can do? I see someone else's name after others' names listed instead of their IP. On such a sweet idea as the Wiki this IP reporting feature stinks. Either way, I'll continue to read the Wiki to learn but I'm no longer comfortable posting anything except here on this question . Am I being paranoid? I just don't like this. Perhaps I missed reading the Wiki instruction manual somewhere. Also sometimes I notice a link is made for my name and sometimes not. -- John Durbin
John: The setting for your name instead of IP address is kept in a cookie. Look at Who Am I -- Alex Feldstein
Steve: Maybe you could show less of the IP address to allay some fears?

Thanks Alex. Why does your name appear after names of people who edited their profile instead of their IP appearing after their name? What does your name have to do with Who Am I? Also since I filled in the Who Am I I see no difference with the IP showing. I'm sorry if I sound crass but it's an awful idea. As good as the Wiki is a good idea it's almost as bad. It's almost like a breach. I have never seen any site anywhere post ANY part of IP's like this. Get rid of it entirely not partly is my vote.
John: Edit again. Your name should appear on all subsequent edits. I'd be interested in hearing what you fear will happen as a result of posting partial IP's. - ?lc

Subsequent posts - ok doesn't change prior ones. Thank you
AFA IP postings I'm interested in hearing why the Wiki is interested in posting any part of my IP at all. Am I missing something? What do you gain? Why don't others practice this policy? My fear isn't that my IP can't be gotten, I'm sure IP's are hacked everyday even thru firewalls or whatever but what in the world is the Wiki doing publishing any part of it? I don't think my IP is anyone's business I don't volunteer it to. I wasn't asked and find this practice parculiar to say the least. Still like the Wiki, but please quit publishing IP's.
IMO, if I'm using the internet, my IP is is public knowlege. You should make that assumption and protect yourself accordingly. I think the only reason the wiki posts a mangled IP is to provide a service to the users, I can easily see if a recent change was done by me or someone else. Also, I suppose it is a subtle way to remind potential Page Wipers that they can be tracked and blocked from access. - ?lc

Ok I see. Thanks for the heads up. John Durbin
How does the 'find' page work - are things and'ed or or'ed; do parens do anything; is it substrings or words?

It's just a straight text $ field search. No ANDs or ORs or bells or whistles of any kind.-- Steven Black

Check the Wiki Advanced Search topic for improved Wiki search capabilities.
I cannot write anything on the Wiki-VfpVersion7WishList page, though I can open it with the Edit link. Why? Thanks. Laurent Dujat

Hmmm. It's working for me. Have you considered that someone else's Save may have clobbered your changes? Steven Black

Steve: thanks for answering. I found out more: I can write on the Wiki-VfpVersion7WishList page, when using IE5, but not when using Netscape 4.7 (in this case, I can only delete characters)! Amazing, isn't it? and I cannot figure out why this only happens on that specific page!
Later on: I tried again, from another computer, (nt4, the first one was Win98) with Netscape 4.5 this time: still cannot type anything in the edit window of the Wiki-VfpVersion7WishList page - and only on that page! Did anyone have this prb with Netscape? Anyway, Steve, let me tell you something: this site is great! I like it so much I have not been very productive today!

You're right! That's got to be a Netscape bug. It looks like there is some sort of limit on the edit control's contents...-- Steven Black

I just tried editing it with Netscape 4.72 for Macintosh, and it worked fine, although I saw the problem with the Windows version. Must be a Windows thing ;-) -- Ed Leafe

I've been unable to edit the wish list. I have Netscape 4.08. I have edited the wish list page in the past. Something has happened in the last, oh, week or so.

Yes, the text grew too long for Netscape, which is what we're saying above :-) -- Steven Black

This does not bode well for the NetScapeWishList topic I've been meaning to start. ;-) -lc

Can we have some kind of symbol to prevent Camel Case from wanting to create a link. For example in the Tab Strip topic the property TabWidthStyle probably will never warrant it's own topic.
I use CODE tags, like this: TabWidthStyle. It looks better too...-- Steven Black
Alternatively, use the < nowiki tag like this: TabStrip
That's < code > < /code > or you can use < nowiki > < /nowiki > Tom Cerul
I wish text was bigger
If you are using IE, the View - Text Size menu controls the text size, which wiki respects.-- Steven Black
How about a way to post and download files
See Wiki FTPDirectories
The "recent changes" screen and the "topics changed in the last 24 hours" do not match.
Internally, the 24 hours list is automatically updated every few minutes by a process governed by a timer. The same is true of List Categories. It's a performance optimization so we can get a reasonable view of the past day's activity without generating a query for each home page hit. To build a website is to choose :-)-- Steven Black
We need a way to find all topics that refer to the current topic.
Just click the topic title -- it's a link that does exactly that.
The navigation bar isn't consistent from one wiki to the next. Is it Categories, or List Categories?
I sometimes use the space-saving "Categories", being mindful of those who use lower resolution monitors. Note that the navigation bar is an editable wiki topic! See FooterLinks-- Steven Black
When one is Wiki Catching Up, it would be nice to have a "Pages changed in the last N days" option on the FIND page where N is a user defined value.
You can do this now, but it's undocumented. Just add an integer to the URL:
Examples:-- Steven Black
Wiki Renaming Topics
Ouch, using the Resize feature mid-editing loses your changes
Back button! Back button! Internally, the buttons are on a separate HTML Form. I don't know if I can avoid this gotcha with the current design.-- Steven Black
Wiki Why It Automatically Closes Tags
What is supported in wiki? Java Script? Animated Gifs?
Try it :-). Nothing (nothing) is explicitly unsupported although the parser's not script-code aware and may mangle Camel Case variable names, for example. Just let me know what you find and how I can make it better-- Steven Black
What are you using at the server end to run the wiki? Its a pretty neat concept and works well. How will this scale if there are lots of users? -- Maurice De Beijer
Hi Maurice. The Wiki is using IIS 4 on a permanent two-channel ISDN routed connection using a West Wind Web Connection application running on standard VFP tables to dish the text. Each request is taking, on average, 0.75 seconds to fulfill. Response time feels pretty good (comments from Europe?) and, scalability-wise, we have a lot we can do. -- Steven Black

Europe=fine connection -- Jonathan
UK-Multiple T3s Almost instant refresh :-) Chris Johnson

Don't they charge you per minute for your ISDN??? -- Rodman
Not here. It's by the packet. Packet surcharges would be nice :-).-- Steven Black

Response time is good from this part of the world and I am just using a dial up connection on a modem with IE5. -- Maurice De Beijer
I am getting good response with a 56K dial up access. -- Jim BoothOffsite link to
Ditto. Response time is great at 48K as well -- John Koziol
From Germany the response is great -- Peter Herzog
Good response from the UK -- Alan Shepard
I always seem to get dog slow response on my 300bps modem. Not sure why... -- Michael GEmmons
This Wiki is a nice piece of software! What language is it written in and is it available as a download? -- Robert Abitbol
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