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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
How to Create a Wiki Topic: Good Practices, Tips and Tricks
The best way to create a new topic is to reference it first in an existing topic. For example, one might ask:

"Does anyone know how to CreateANewTopic."

Clicking on the ? link will give the person who knows a chance to create a new topic to answer the question. The nice thing about this approach is that orphaned topics (topics which no other topic references) are less likely.

Another thing, bloat is an issue on wikis. Making it easy to create topics is not always a good idea. Better to force people to look around abit before they go off and create redundant topics, forcing the housekeepers to do more work.

So, it is probably a bad idea to have an easy way to create topics like this New Topic topic I just created. (But it does provide a nice example of how extensible Steve's framework is) :-) ?lc

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