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How to Edit a Wiki Document

See also Wiki Formatting Examples

You should know by now that every topic has an edit link available on the left above and below the topic's text. If you don't, take a look at Good Starting Places.

If you know HTML, feel free to use it when you edit. If you don't know HTML, don't worry about it. Someone else can (and will) reformat what you type to make it look more attractive and readable.

This is a hyperlinked world. You can make links to other topics within the wiki by using Camel Case. Any word (without spaces) that has 2 upper case letters and one lower case letter will become a link. Alternately you can prefix a word with a space and a question mark ?Citrix ( Citrix )

If the topic you linked to is already defined it will appear as a normal link (Camel Case). If the topic has not been defined, the topic name will not be a link and will be followed by a question mark link (QuantumBufferingTechnology). You can click these question marks to define new topics. (I'd like to ask that you not define quantum buffering because it doesn't exist and the next person who reads this won't see what an undefined link looks like.)

To link to something outside the wiki, you can just give the complete URL ( or you can use HTML Google

Wikis are different than other writing
Understand that what you write here will be peer reviewed and improved by many others. Your work is submitted to this public forum and will be changed. See Wiki Why Refactor Pages for more information.

Understand that Document Mode is more useful for first time readers but Thread Mode is the best way to disagree. Document Mode is the goal of all wiki discourse. We'd like this wiki to be a useful reference that accurately states facts.

Writing from a neutral point of view is critical. For example , it is a fact that some people believe VFP to be the ideal development platform. "VFP is the best platform" is an opinion. The former will tend to avoid HolyWars and keep everything friendly.

Good Practices, Tips and Tricks
See Also: More About House Keeping, Wiki FAQ, Wiki Features, Wiki Formatting Examples
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