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A Place to discuss the archiving and mirroring of Wikies
Since this wiki is stored in FoxTables, I thought I'd suggest that the entire dataset be dumped into a static non-editable website on a regular basis. This would serve several purposes.

If done properly this would provide a backup of the entire wiki that could be reloaded into the real wiki should that ever become necessary.

It would provide a means by which search engines could pick up on the content of the wiki so that more people can find it.

It also might lessen the load on the real wiki.

Shouldn't we archive or dump the bottom of the Recent Changes List after nn days? It is starting to get long (and therefore slow). How many days is too old? -- Alex Feldstein
Right now the recent changes list is 10-days. Too long, do you feel? -- Steven Black
10 days is just fine -- Alex Feldstein
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