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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Email Notification is dead for now? Tom Cerul 2004-03-25 Yep.-- Steven Black

Has Wiki Email Notification been disabled? I don't see the "Subscribe" link anymore... - ?wgcs

I'm not seeing the link either. Actually I've never paid much attention to this feature, but I'm doing research on creating our own company wiki and saw this topic in Recent Changes. -- Jacci Adams

Yup, it's a configuration item that's been turned off for quite a while now. It's a gut feeling, really, that since email's become a real bane and a pain I'm just leery that the wiki would be a part of that boat-ride. Know the feeling? I could be convinced otherwise....-- Steven Black

Personally, I like predictable notices of updates at the places I want: They increase the Signal To Noise Ratio of email, compared to all the unpredictable Spam. I use automatic filters to funnel the update notices to a single mailbox, and so can review and dispose of them quickly... In this way, I'd prefer if the emails were one-per-topic, so the subject line contains the essential update info, then actual changed text in the body (if it isn't too long... this is probably difficult to implement, and isn't actually done on any of the other update emails I get.)
Because email notification is off, the Wiki becomes less important as a way to get future answers to questions, since one might easily forget to check back on questions they leave in posts. -- wgcs

It works! I got one today. -- Cindy Winegarden
Starting Dec 15th 1999, you can subscribe to topics, and you'll be notified by email when a topic is changed. About this a few points: -- Steven Black

Very cool feature, Steve!
Steve, What is the result of leaving the Don't Ask Again checkbox checked? What is the scope of this (current topic or general preference)? -- Randy Pearson
Don't ask again means that a cookie will preserve your email address, so you don't need to specify it each time you want to subscribe to a topic.-- Steven Black
Oh, I completely misunderstood. I thought it meant don't ask me again whether I want to subscribe. Amazing how even simple interfaces can suggest two things to two different people. IAE, this is a great new feature! Much appreciated. -- Randy P
It now says Remember my email address.-- Steven Black
Here's another item. If I subscribe to a topic, then come back to that topic later, I'm not seeing any indication that I've subscribed before. Is it feasible to do this? -- Randy P
You should just see an Unsubscribe button if you are subscribed to that topic and if your cookie is intact. Note that the Fox, VB, and SQL wikis are separate websites and so you'll need to give each site your email address (just like you need to give each site your edit box size preferences). Let me know if this is not what you see.-- Steven Black
I have yet to subscribe to any topic, however, I see the UnSubcribe button. BTW, Cool Feature! Bill Armbrecht
Ok, now that I subscribed to this topic, I only see the UnSubscribe button. May I suggest that the UnSubscribe button not be displayed until the initial Subscription has been made? Bill Armbrecht
Problem is, until you have subscribed and your cookie is adorned with your email address, there is no way to know if you are subscribed or not and, conversely, whether you might wish to unsubscribe :-).-- Steven Black
I see, said the blind man! -- Bill Armbrecht
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