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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you'll find some answers to those FAQ. If you have a question and it is not answered here, please post it at Wiki Common Questions.

If you have an answer to an unanswered question, please do it. If you have a better answer to a question already answered or just want to add some more to improve it, please feel free and go ahead.

About This Wiki

What is a wiki?
See Wiki About

Who is our host? Where does this wiki phisically reside?
Your host is Steven Black, and this wiki is physically located at Kingston (Ontario), Canada

When was this wiki started?
Programming: March 3 1999. Online since Mid 1999.

Is everyone welcome?
Yes, and you are very welcome. Join us with your comments and, if you want, you can say some about you: just create a topic with your name (see Wiki Creating Topic) and fill it with the information you think is appropriate

How can I give feedback?
See Feed Back

What other wikis are here?
Several. An they are Transcluded Wikis. Check

Starting to Wiki

There are some topics I should check to better understand the wiki?
Yes, see Wiki Protocol and Road Map

There is a place where I can find a list of chats, lectures and upcoming events like conferences, meetings, open training sessions, user group meetings etc?
Yes, see Wednesday Night Lectures and Upcoming Events

There is a place for job postings, where I can search for?
Yes, see Job Postings and Advertising For Work ( you may also check Category Available )

Can I create my own pages?
Yes, see Create Your Own Pages. See also the sections dealing with "Topics, Links, Categories and the like" and "Documents"

There is a place where I can practice and make my editing tests?
Yes, see Wiki SandBox, Scratch Pad and Test Page

What is a wiki housekeeper? What do they do? Who are them?
See More About Housekeeping and Volunteer House Keepers

How to become a certified Volunteer Housekeeper?
Read and understand More About Housekeeping, then click this link: __ IAm AVolunteer House Keeper (check also The Wiki Cookie)

Comunication at The Wiki

There are some rules regarding behavior at this wiki?
Yes, see Neti Quette

I live in a country where the current idiom is not english, so I don't read and write very well in english. Will that be a barrier for me to participate at the wiki?
Of course not! The "language" that we all speak at this wiki is FoxPro. English speaking people at this wiki will be very happy helping you to understand and to be understood, no matter where you are from. So no fear, go ahead and participate!

What are those letters like IMO, IOW etc, that sometimes appear at document's text?
See Acronyms

What are those characters like :), ;-) etc , that sometimes appear at document's text?
See Emot Icons

Getting the Most of The Wiki

How can I search for information in this wiki's pages?
See Find and Searching Wiki

Where can I find stuff about VFP in this wiki?
This Wiki is all about VFP, but try Visual FoxPro

Where can I find cool stuff in this wiki?
Almost everywhere, but try Tip Of The Day and Watches And Alerts

How can I use the full capabilities of this wiki?
See How This Wiki Works, Wiki XML Catalog, Wiki FTPDirectories and Wiki XSLTest

Does this wiki run on handheld devices?
See Wiki Offline Palm Versions

Why does the wiki need to leave a cookie on my machine?
See The Wiki Cookie and Who Am I

What is the ftp login to upload images?
See Wikiftp Directories

There are some techniques for maximizing the benefits of time spent online?
Yes, see Online Strategies For Value Maximization

Can I make suggestions to improve the way this wiki is?
Yes, see Wiki Wish List, Improving Wiki and Wiki Macro Suggestions

Topics, Links, Categories and the Like

What is camel case? Why are all those words mashed together?
See Camel Case

When do I need to force a link? How can I force a link?
See Wiki Forcing Links

How can I create a topic?
See Wiki Creating Topic and Trying To Learn Links

How can I rename a topic?
See Wiki Renaming Topics

Can I have two topics with different names pointing to the same place?
Yes, see Topic Aliasing (you may also check Wiki Line One Directives)

What are underscore topics?
See Topic Annotations, _ More About Underscore Topics, __ More About Double Underscore Topics and Recent Changes X

How can I know about all the existing topics?
See Alphabetic Topic List

What are most visited topic pages?
See WikiPopularPages

How can I see a list of all pages that reference the current page?
To see a list of all pages referencing a page, click the page's title

What is a category? When I should use it?
See Wiki Categories

What are the existing categories? Can I create new ones? How?
See List Categories

The word "category" have a special function, right? What is it?
Yes, topics that begin with the word Category trigger a search. For example, When I click a hyperlink like FoxPro this triggers a SEEK in Wiki's topic table. However when I click Category Books, it will query the table for all records containing "Category Books". Thus categories are quick ways to assign arbitrary searchable stereotypes to topics


What is a document? How can I properly edit a document?
See Wiki Document Editing and More About Housekeeping

What happens when I save a document?
See Wiki Parse Upon Save

What if two people edit a page at the same time? Last one wins?
Yes, the person who saves last one wins. If two people are editing the same page, the last version saved is the one that is kept. See Wiki Lock Pages

What happens if I make a mistake and lose a document or part of its text?
The wiki system makes a backup each time a topic is saved. If something significant is lost, just send an email to Steven Black who can restore it in a second

How can I delete a document?
First, make sure that there are no links to the topic by clicking the topic's name on its own page. After all the links are removed, edit the victim topic and place the line one directive #DELETE (at line 1 col 1 of the document) and save it (you may also check Wiki Line One Directives)

What if I delete something accidentally or abusively?
We'll roll back (undo) the changes and pretend it never happened.

What is a wiki's editor macro?
See Wiki Macros (see also Fading New)

What is a wiki's editor directive?
See Wiki Line One Directives

How do I format program code in a document?
Use pre or code tags. See also Wiki Beautify

Why tags are automatically closed at the end of paragraphs?
See Wiki Why It Automatically Closes Tags

What does refactoring means?
See Refactoring (sometimes documents should be are refactored) and Wiki Why Refactor Pages


What is a NameSpace?
Each topic in this wiki is assigned to a NameSpace. A NameSpace is a general area of either software engineering or an area related to people or an area related the wiki itself. Different wikis (like the SQL Server Wiki or the Visual Basic Wiki) subscribe to different name spaces. You can customize your own NameSpace preferences, overriding the default subscriptions of the wiki you are in, by clicking the NameSpace link at the top of each topic page.

How do I create a page that has the namespace "People", for instance?
Only certified Volunteer Housekeepers can change namespaces (see above how to become one of them). Feel free to create the page and mention which namespace it should go into.

How can I change the namespace of a document?
You must be a Volunteer Housekeeper. To become a Volunteer Housekeeper, first read More About Housekeeping, then click this link: __ IAm AVolunteer Housekeeper. Thereafter you'll have some namespace assignment links.

What are the namespace relationships for the VFP wiki?
See Transcluded Wiki, Wiki Transclusion Configuration and Transclusion Report

Discussions, Document Mode and Thread Mode

See also: Wiki Less Common Questions, Wiki Common Questions Technical, Open Questions, Wiki Open Questions, Less Common Questions
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