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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
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The key to Wiki City is the Edit hyperlink.
Use it.

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Editing pages: Most pages can be edited. Look for the Edit link at the bottom of the screen. Some pages are Wiki Generative Pages and cannot be edited.

Creating new links: New Links are added by combining 2 or more words and capitalising the first letter of each word (Camel Notation), or by prefixing a work with a '?'. See also: Create Your Own Pages

Back-Referencing: Click on the page title to generate a list of pages that refer to this one.

Escaping links: There are times when you want to prevent Wiki from interpreting some words as links (code samples are a good example). If you place the word inside of < code>< /code>, then Wiki will leave the link alone: like this < code>CamelCapsAreCool< /code> (i.e., CamelCapsAreCool).

Forcing links: Links can be forced by preceding the intended link with a "?". A good example of when to employ a forced link would be INTLToolkit (i.e., INTLToolkit) which does not satisfy the rule listed above for Wiki to make it into a hyperlink. However, INTLToolkit (i.e., ?INTLToolkit) will create a new link.

This Wiki links to URLs, just type 'em in. Like this:

For email addresses, just type 'em in:

For knowledgebase articles, just type in the number: Q326568 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q326568

Adding Horizontal Lines: Four dashes at the start of a line will create a horizontal line.Like this:

Adding your own HTML code: You can add your own HTML code. Just remember that tags cannot span lines and the parser checks for ending tags and automatically inserts them if not found. This helps keep the website looking acceptable.
If your HTML code includes scripting (and therefore the < SCRIPT > tag, which MUST span lines without automatic < BR > tags), then surround the < SCRIPT > tags with < PRE > and the wiki will leave it alone.

ISBN links: ValidISBN numbers are automatically transformed into links to Like this: ISBN 1137483661.
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