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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A list of the most recent bug fixing, newest ones at the top.
See too: Wiki Bug Reports - Wiki Wish List. Older fixes in Wiki Bug Fix Archive.
The following sentence pulled from demonstrates a problem with the parser.

You can even support sub-structures (structures that contain pointer-references to other structures) by creating another structure object, and assigning that object's .Structure string to the main object's sub-structure field (which must be of type "@STRING").

Scott Finegan

Fixed. Thanks Scott. -- Steven Black
The category parser doesn't ignore the contents of links... the one case affected by this can be seen where the Category Available that is embedded in a link in the FoxWiki News page is being picked up... plus some garbage that follows it (which is part of the link) that shouldn't be part of the "Category" name. (look in the category list for two similar occurances of Category Available ) - ?wgcs
Good catch! Thanks, I'll fix.-- Steven Black
Another Weird URL problem showed up on the SQL topic, near the top. I can't see anything about the url that would cause the Wiki parser problems...
Weird URLs (it seems if there is an embedded "http:" inside the URL) cause Camel Case processing to go wacky:

Category Wiki
- ?wgcs
Seems fixed now.
Steve - The 24 hour topic list on the home page doesn't appear to be working as of sometime last night. -- Randy Jean
Doh! My fault. Fixed. Thanks Randy.
Steve: Look at the SOAP page:

The < pre > tags that Rick put to delimit code do not have CR 's (at least in my IE5). I can't see why! -- Alex Feldstein

Thanks Alex. Fixed.-- Steven Black
Not sure if this is a feature, a bug, or my ignorance of some nuance of wikis but in the following one-cell table:
More Text.
Even More Text.

The first <hr> gets nailed by a <br> and the others don't. I guess I'd prefer the latter for all the <hr>'s . -- ?lc
Yup, that's a bug. Thanks.-- Steven Black
The #B# macro is nonfunctional in other namespaces, that is, the src=" it resolves to is not accessable from the other urls it seems. BTW, I checked and the image does not have a use case in the wiki right now (maybe that's a good thing) -- lc
[01/18/00 11:32:24 AM EST] Is there a new bug with uploading to the graphics\ ftp directory and being able to reference the image in a topic the same day? Or am I just losing it? See Chain Of Responsibility. -- Rox
Rox, I added the full url, (the same as I used for my picture), and it still won't work. -- Cindy Winegarden
yupyup... I had tried that too. Methinks somebody is/was doing the DNS hokey pokey with the ftp directories up here & forgot to turn themselves around at end =D) -- Rox
OKOK, fixed :-)-- Steven Black
At 3:37 Jan 7/2000 Wiki Time. The topic Where To Find Sample Apps is listed under Not Categorized despite having Category Learning VFP at the bottom. -- Evan Delay
Fixed. The problem was an empty Where To Find Sample Apps topic in the SQL namespace. The bug here is Category No Category isn't transclusion-aware....-- Steven Black
[03/22/00] Steve is Recent Changes X supposed to show up with multiple instances of a date at that leftmost level? If that's the last date it was saved to the Recent Changes list perhaps that date shouldn't be on the left. How about this instead:
date( tLastRealUpdate ) 
   cWikiTopicName ... tLastRecentChangeSave


Whoops! A Bug! Fixed. Thanks David.-- Steven Black
My transclusion subscription selections for the various name spaces are not saving nor being honored. -- Bob Archer
Fixed! Go nuts!-- Steven Black
Thanks! Works great now. BTW: I was already nuts! -- Bob Archer
Hey! I think we do have a bug with the delete directive for deleting topics. If I put
on first line, first character of a topic and hit save... it doesnt save it, so of course it doesnt delete it. -- Rox
Try it now. I fixed it but forgot to move the file to the server [blush]-- Steven Black
yupyup, works fine now. [smirk] And thanks for the new resume padding...
Accomplishments: Made Steven Black Blush. [rd&h] -- Rox
It seems to be back. also, RecentChages for March 6 shows Michael RStraight about 6 times.

I did a find, topic titles, admin; I got 3 listings for Wiki Admin (wiki) with different update dates. strange. -- ?CFK
Thanks, Carl. Fixed. This was a relic of the transclusion.-- Steven Black
Cannot properly format the URL I just added to XML Links. Look at the bottom, the new one that starts with Looks like the parser gets fits with that long & weird URL. -- Alex Feldstein
Steve, I can't even repair it using an explicit A HREF tag with or without " -- ?df
It's due to the @ symbol in the URL, which the wiki mailto parser is mangling. Time to smarten-up the wiki mailto parser. Fixed :-) Thanks. -- Steven Black
The #insert 24 macro directive doesn't link topics that are not Camel Case. "Builder" and "ASELOBJ" were just listed as text. -- ?CFK
Fixed. By the way, the goal of this directive is to put really recent changes immediately on the home page and not force users to dig to see recent changes. Studies show that web sites lose 50% of their audience for each layer people are forced to click through to get gratification. My usage logs support this. So I removed the "day old topics" topic someone created since that defeats the whole purpose of it.-- Steven Black
VFP topics are appearing on and . Is this a bug or are the wikis still in flux? -- Evan Delay
Some of both Evan. Some links just need to be assigned to the correct namespace. Some are caught in the complexities of transclusion. Also, Steve's been out of town. Give it a little time. -- Cindy Winegarden
Things should be much better now Evan. Try that. Thanks.-- Steven Black
Why in the topic Unique Key Generation is the bulleted camel cased IDENTITYFIELDS not seen as a Topic id? -- Bob Archer
Topics must start with a space followed by a capital letter. In this case, the [NEW] is bunched right next to the camel case word. I'll change the fading new so that it automatically stuffs a space...-- Steven Black
use of the code tags eats up the CR at the end of the line they are on.
If you look at the source, you will see that this should be on a new line. -- Carl Karsten
Fixed. Steven Black
[10/17/99] Steve, if a line begins with http it doesn't get the automatic link. Check the FoxYear2000 topic when I added the product update section I had to stick a space in front of it. Hopefully the next line will also illustrate the problem:
-- ?df
Fixed.-- Steven Black
In the Alphabetic Topic List, the bookmarks you have set up to jump to specific letter don't work in Netscape. If you change your anchor tags and remove the # sign from the name value (example: name = "D" instead of name="#D") it should work for both IE and Netscape. -- Rox
There. How's that?-- Steven Black
perfect! thankyou! -- Rox
Hey what's up with the work-in-progress macro? Doesn't seem to like me -- Roxanne Seibert
While you are at it, work.gif is only 220 bytes, work.bmp is 630. might make a noticeable difference. -- Carl Karsten
Fixed, thanks!-- Steven Black
Uhhhh... I know I should be shot for this question, but how come the bmp shows up in IE and not Netscape? (ducks) - Roxanne Seibert
Good question. and now a reason (one that does make a difference) to use the gif. -- ?CFK
Alright, fixed :-)-- Steven Black
on VFP Design Pattern Catalog I had a couple of new topics in Camel Case that just didn't want to convert to a link to create a new page? See the entries for Mediator and Iterator. -- Roxanne Seibert
That's a great topic, Rox. About those links, I closed the preceding manually entered hyperlink and it works now. Hyperlinks are not among those automatically closed. Ref: Wiki Why It Automatically Closes Tags -- Steven Black
duh =D) Guess it was just a bit late night to be in wiki mode -- Roxanne Seibert
All links to the images in graphics\ appear to be missing. See Wikiftp Directories, none of the images show. I've also seen the same thing other pages. - Roi Ledford -- Fixed, thanks Roi.-- Steven Black
I clicked on the Maintainability hyperlink and got a Wiki Security page requesting a password. What is that about?
Fixed, thanks.-- Steven Black
I still can't get the Find Page to work - hitting "enter" after an entry doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?
For browsers that don't allow submit upon enter, I've added a coupe of GO buttons to the find page.-- Steven Black
The results of Searchs don't sort properly. "gAerror" sorts after "Wiki..."
Fixed.-- Steven Black
The < br>'s get dropped from the end of lines after a pair of < pre>< /pre> tags.

Fixed.-- Steven Black
Steve: Recent Changes holds the last 10 days. I assume that Not So Recent Changes holds the previous 10 days to that. If that is so you are missing one day in between the two. -- Alex Feldstein
Right you are, Alex. Fixed. Thanks! -- Steven Black
Am I doing something wrong - I don't see any 'submit' or search button on the Find Page
Just hit enter....-- Steven Black
Steve, it might be good if you put words to that effect on the page, it's not totally obvious, I had to stumble across this myself the first time I used the page. -- David Frankenbach Done!-- Steven Black
If # N # macro immediately preceeds an external link the New becomes the link instead. -- ?jMM
Fixed. Thanks John.
Knowledge Base Watch does not show the KB identifiers like HOWTO or BUG etc. (look at the Edit screen and they are there). -- Alex Feldstein [08/05/99] Fixed! Thanks Alex.-- Steven Black
Category names are case sensitive. For example, in the List Categories page, there are entries for Category Visual FoxExpress and Category Visual FoxExpress. -- Randy P
[07/29/99] Fixed-- Steven Black
The category listing is case sensitive but retrieving topics by category is not. Fixed!-- Steven Black
The parser doesn't recognize tabs between PRE tags. Indents made with spaces are okay, though. Fixed!-- Steven Black
Steve, IE totally dislikes hard carriage returns inside the TABLE definitions.Fixed-- Steven Black
A category search result header should be in Camel Case: -- jMM -- [06/25/99] Fixed. Steven Black.
Steve - the PRE tags aren't exactly working.. the indention of the code in the Ht MLHelp topic isn't making it through the wringer somewhere. Oops. Thanks. Fixed. (It's still not quite perfect...) -- Steven Black
A question mark with a space following it still causes the parser to want to create that as a topic... see ? -- Bob Archer
June 15 1999: Fixed. -- Steven Black
If it won't kill performance, can ' and 's be recognized as decorators to actual topic names. For example, I cannot say: see Calvin Hsia's conference notes, since it creates a different topic, so I rewrite awkwardly. -- Randy Pearson
June 14 1999: Fixed.-- Steven Black
Category Wiki Admin
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