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You don't need to Camel Case things if you don't want to.
This seems to have been slipped in with out enough fanfare - I see many people still making goofy looking acronyms, like Er P.
To force a link, prepend a question mark. See, for example, ?jMM.
The following was refactored from Wiki Wish List
Steve do we need to houseclean the topics like Ht ML to convert them to HTML or can it be globally cleaned up with a prg? -- David Frankenbach
Whatever you please. However I suggest we avoid what happens on other websites where all instances of trivial things become hyperlinks (like making MS a link everywhere, for example). That's silly. I'm happy to leave HTML as a non-link in most places where the definition of HTML isn't germane to the topic of discourse. So I can see advantages of forcing it to be ugly, like HTm L, or using a question mark prefix, like HTML, when a link is actually required. What do you recommend?-- Steven Black
I agree, this sounds like the most workable solution to me. I do like the appearance of the links without the ? prefixed to them it just looked odd before. Do we have to recreate the topics themselves to get the case change? That's the fundamentally harder thing for us commoners to do. -- David Frankenbach
Actually the topic comes up as requested. HTML and Ht ML and Htm L are all the same topic, and the topic header looks like it does in the originating link.-- Steven Black
Cool! I didn't notice the topic title on the topic page is built from the link on the fly. So the only place the initial case for a topic matters is when it's first created and that's what controls how it appears in the Topic lists? -- David Frankenbach Correct. :-)-- Steven Black
However, is the prepending a question mark method of forcing a link really stable? I used to used it for my signature, but recently I've seen more and more pages showing up like the jMM. above does (as I view it today), where the question mark shows and does not get forced into a link. Is using double-brackets more reliable? - wgcs
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