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Namespace: VB
Please help me test the HTML version of the FoxPro Wiki.

To build new Wiki Offline versions in either HTML, Palm, or CHM formats, I first need a solid HTML baseline.

Therefore: If you can, please test this offline version of the wiki:

Comments from testers here, please.

  • what is (base target="_top")?
  • bad Fox Paw link: (a href="wc.dll?Wiki~FoxProWiki")(img src="foxpaw.gif" border="0" alt="Wiki Home")(/a)
  • I am on dial up: Would you consider breaking the the zip file into 3 pieces? Scott Finegan How about one for each name space? I don't think my 8Mb visor is gonna handle the whole thing. - cfk
  • Could all links that take us online, or fire up an email program be marked somehow, similar to "Recent Changes" links that take us away from the wiki ?. Scott Finegan

  • The following items have been fixed, or are addressed in the next build

  • is 'empty' - cfk
  • Can you add namespace beside the topic names in the Alphabetic Topic List? How about lists of topics by namespace --all people, all Software Engineering, all VFP, that sort of thing? Thanks Steve.
    Yearly Donation has broken mailto graphics. __ IAm AVolunteer Housekeeper says 'Test' - would probably be worthwhile to explain why the topic is only available online and provide a link -- tr Ted, I think I may omit the Wiki namespace entirely from the mix. When it's a static snapshot, what use are the wiki-centric topics.-- Steven Black

  • strip out all the tags. maybe. might be good to see stuff that was added just before the snapshot, because it hasn't been reviewed as much. Good Idea. Will do.-- Steven Black
  • strip out the meta name="KEYWORDS" and DESCRIPTION. will save a bit of space. Good idea. -- Steven Black

  • Someone created a topic with a slash in it: Kodak/WangDesktopImaging. It works ok with the live version, but not the snapshot. In the snapshot, it bounces me around and I end up on the live wiki home. Thanks from me too. - cfk Thanks. I renamed this topic.-- Steven Black
  • Works for me... Scott Finegan. Thanks for taking this on. There are two VolunteerHouskeepers topics, no big deal. All links I tried worked. Thanks Scott.-- Steven Black

  • click on categores, click on "Load the online version of this page" get - cfk Thanks, good one.-- Steven Black
  •, Topics changed in the past 24 hours: Fox Forum Wiki, get redirected to I am guessing you should search all pages for "wc.dll?". problem: all pages have that in the "online version" link, so maybe search for pages with > 2. - cfk Fixed. -- Steven Black
    Suggestions Pending

  • sugestion: instead of [A-F]..., how about [A-Z] so that we get one big page that can be searched? To help navigate to a known topic, put 26 links at the top of the [A-Z] page. Granted that adds about 20 pages, I think it would be more usable. I can almost see taking it one more step: at the top of the A page, another 26 links (or maybe just the applicable ones given that there are no topics that begin with AA). That way when I want to find the Chicago Fudg page, I click A-Z, C, H and am presented with the 40 CH* topics.
    Ok, I just realized this will be irrelevant once it is compiled into a single searchable document, right? - ?cfk

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