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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
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Web Connection has a function to resolve a user's IP address to its domain name. Let's display the domain name instead of the IP address.
Why? For lots of people this will just be their ISP. -- Randy Pearson
On Recent Changes page, show the IP address with a different decoration (perhaps bold) if it matches the IP of the person viewing the page. This way, you can more easily see which pages were changed by yourself (at least if you have a static IP). -- Randy Pearson
Problem is many people dial-in and get a different IP address each time... I was thinking a reverse-lookup might be good, which would display the name of the server from where the post emanates. We'll be doubling our bandwidth next week, and I'll consider doing that-- Steven Black
Steve, in my experience reverse lookups aren't worth the effort for this type of change. Maybe you could just set the threshhold at the network level. So if I come from the Class "C", you just bold everything from that network. In any event, this request was just a thought, not critical. -- Randy Pearson
Why dont you display the username, who made the change ?. Everbody has to sign in to the forum -- Peter Herzog
Not now. The Wiki can be accessed directly without logging in, and it is not "aware" even if you did log in.
The problem I see with this is that one can use this IP address to access your computer in case security isn't set up. I really don't like this at all! -- MarkusEgger
I hear you, Max.-- Steven Black
Good catch, Markus. I think we should just go to a pure cookie approach here where you sign-up, log-in, etc. This, of course, would be easier if the Wiki and Rod's Cold Fusion stuff were all hosted within a single realm. -- Randy Pearson
The Wiki really doesn't need cookies. I'd like to see how far we can go without 'em. Suggestion then: what if I strip the last 3 digits of the IP address?-- Steven Black
Why then display it? It doesn't make sense -- Peter Herzog
Well, I glance at the IP address and I know immediately if the last contributor was me... Steven Black
I think this is a very good idea. The last 3 digits change all the time anyway. But the first ones give some overall indication that might give some hints. And if not, no harm was done. -- MarkusEgger
Yes, I like it. I use the info for sure. Typically when I first come to the site, I refresh the Recent Changes page, then look at new items, which are those above my last post. (Of course, if we used permanent cookies, you could draw a line on the Recent Changes page to indicate the messages that have changed since the last time you refreshed that page.) -- Randy Pearson
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