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This place is like a river stream filled with never-ending gold - you never know when you're going to find a nugget you couldn't believe you could live without... but everone else can find the same nugget. Thanks to Steve, and everyone who contributes, and all the housekeepers. Now time to get my contribution in. :D -- Peter Crabtree
Yeah, I just set up my name so that I could leave some compliments for Steve here. I regularly visit the other Wikis, including the one at C2, but this Wiki so far is the best I've seen.
Michael Chean
Awesome new feature Steve in the Who Am I deal up here!!! wooohooo... I can skim for all my favorite names now! That is once everybody gets their cookies in order... =D) Rox
Thanks for Palm Pilot version! Now, I never leave home without my FoxWiki. -- Randy Jean
With appologies to Hilbert:
No one shall expel us from the paradise that Cantor Black has created for us. - lc
A big fox paw pat on the back to Steven Black and the other creators. At first I was confused by the FoxWiki, I now think this is vital.
Q: Are there any servers where one can have a wiki hosted for free?
Guess who's got the domains all wired and almost ready to go :-)? It will be a place to host wikis and also get support for purchased wikis that you can host yourself.-- Steven Black
I love the additions on heuristics in Category OOPrinciples yesterday. Wonderful information. Thank you Steve. -- Pamela Thalacker
This place is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I've got the Wiki fever now. -- Jefferey Donnici
Steve, could we have a timer that will kick us out after a period so we can get some work done :-)
Or possibly just a way to bill you for our time?!?
I just have to say, Wikiís rock! I was under the impression that it was a Steven Black thing, but after looking around I see that he just created a Visual Foxpro based implementation. And I might add that I visited a few of them (Wiki's) last night and Stevenís implementation is superior.

It just seems like a much more natural way to communicate rather than the typical Forum style systems. I donít think the average user would get as much out of it, but for technical people itís ideal.

Iím wacky over wiki! [s] -- Tom Gehrke
Nice continuing enhancements. Esp. like the editor's hints. Thanks. Also, the new URL is pretty heady stuff.
Nice work Mr. Black and company.

Big up to all my homeys. ;-) -- David TAnderson
I think the biggest contribution this site makes is to introduce, with clarity, Wiki to the Fox crowd. To see another great Wiki site, check out I intend to evangelize the crap out of this site. Way to go Steven and Rod! -- John Koziol
John, if you're interested, there is a little Wiki for Wiki creators at That's what I call conceptual scalability :-)-- Steven Black
--- Steven, have you considered writing up a paper on how this was implemented from the VFP perspective? I would pay bucks to see that -- John Koziol
Ok, now that I went to the topic list, I get it and think it's kind of cool. I think the WIKI button should open the topic list first. -- Mike Feltman
To be honest, that's what I thought too, initially. But now I realize that this is a kick-ass place. A self-maintaining knowledgebase containing the collected knowledge of all the VFP gurus... (well, now that Mike joined in, of course... ). But seriously: I really like it. I'm just kinda concerned that it might be hard to keep the overview, once this gets really big... (see my ?comments). -- MarkusEgger
Awesome. I could tweak all day. -- Ted Roche
Glad you like it :-). Hey, feel free to add content...I expect the wiki to become extensive over the next few months...-- Steven Black
I have tweaked all day. -- Gene Berger
A new day has dawned....... -- Rod Paddock
You know, this place kinda sucks. Since this page is online, I hardly get any work done anymore... :-). I could spend all day here, adding my comments... -- MarkusEgger
The WIKI is an excellent concept. You don't have to wade through the same messages over and over. When something obviously wrong, self serving or useless is added, it will quickly disappear. I expect that many exciting ideas will develop here. -- Abby Rosenstein
This is what a KB should be! Wading though PRBs, snippets and message threads to find info really sucks. I know that I'll be contributing to it to help make it fly. Hope others will do the same. The potential here is awesome! -- John Tappero
A real "continuous stream of consiousness" place. I like it. -- Fred Taylor
I agree with MarkusEgger - three words A-DDIC-TIVE!
I was about to say ADDICTIVE and somebody beat me to it! There, I said it.
Steven: Are you going to open a WA (Wiki Addiction) place? (and then maybe have a Wiki Rehab Clinic). My daily work is already suffering! -- Alex Feldstein
Its fun to do a View Source from the browser to figure out how things are done! Serving the pages from the links must be cake: a call to the West Wind Web Connection DLL with the candidate key (the text of the link) of a record holding the page contents in a memo field. Am I far off? Way Way Cool! -- Rick Hodder
This is the ultimate forum for sharing information! It took me a little while to get comfy, but now I love it! Like the kids say nowadays It's phat man, waaaaay phat! I spent most of the day here today, while babysitting legacy code running in the background, and I do believed I'm hooked too =D) Roxanne Seibert
SPACE(0) [Translation:This place is too cool for words.] Kelly Conway
This is way too cool for school, I love it! William Kunneke
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