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Some questions that don't come up very often...
Non Computer Wiki's?
I've browsed around a few wiki webs, and they all seem to revolve around some subset of programmer topics - what if I wanted to create a page or web on something completely different, like immunology? Or find such a wiki web if it already existed?

There are some Wikis that are not programmer related, albeit few. One such example, based on Steve's engine is at To find if an immunology wiki exists, you can use a search engine. To create your own wiki, check out Steven's -- Alex Feldstein

This list may be of interest: and more specifically, , also there is even one about lego - lc
[07/25/99] Steve, do the new LINK directives mean that if we hand code our own A HREF links in the topic that the directives can be used to speed up the topic download time? Are they parsed on each download hit? or on each save? Sorry if I'm just being dense here. -- David Frankenbach
Correct, the #NO... Wiki Line One Directives tell the appropriate wiki parser to nevermind. Right now the parsing happens on every hit, but the next scalability step is to parse upon Save to vastly unload the server. That'll be some weeks away...
Why Wiki? Won't abuse ruin it?
"What the hell is the point of this thing? I think you'll end up with a bunch of foul language up here and people deleting it and changing it constantly to serve their own purposes."
That's okay, Mike. That's the way it's supposed to work. Someday someone will get tired of reading this and refactor it to its proper place in the Wiki. Self-maintenance and the honor system are the way this is supposed to work. In practice Wikis are so valuable, and the community makes it self-maintaining and self-policing. Note that I made a change to your message to fix a typo :-).
What's the relationship between the foxforum messages displayed by date (treeview style) and the foxforum wiki? Did I miss something or is this like 2 separate forums? And I take it the create message button on the upper frame has nothing to do with what I try to post in the Wiki?
No relationship. You'll notice from the URLs that they are two different sites (AFAIK). Indeed, you can get to the Wiki w/o going through the Fox Forum site.
Multiple re-edits are fine in Recent Changes
"If you Change and Save a page, then go back and edit your own changes, does that add additional links in the Recent Changes List? Or in any other way mess navigation up for others? (Maybe uncheck the "Include page in Recent Changes List" box until all edits are complete? Or is that unnecessary?)"
Hi Ceil, every time a page is saved it rises to the top of the Recent Changes page unless the "Include page in Recent Changes List" is unchecked when you save, which is a kindness to others in the event of trivial or non-notable changes.
-It looks like unchecking the include box will completely remove a page from the recent change list. Tom Cerul
What, if somebody just wipes out an entire page? I guess there is nothing one can do about it, or is there?
We take a backup before every save. If someone wipes out an entire page we can get it back, and we have ways we can exclude known Page Wipers :-)
How can we exclude Page Wipers from the site?
We can effectively exclude them by denying saves. Internally we have a lot of control, and we can deny saves to specific IP addresses, IP ranges, or in cases where the topic volume in bytes is subtantially less than the original volume, and so on. Regardless, we make backups of topics before each new save.
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