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Wiki Line One Directives

Namespace: Wiki
The following directives, when placed on line 1, Character 1 of a topic, control how this wiki displays or saves a topic.

Line one directives are case sensitive.

  • #DELETE - Deletes the topic upon save.
  • #NOHTTPLinks - Disables parsing of links outside the wiki.
  • #NOHOTLinks - Disables parsing of wiki topic links.
  • #NOPARSE - Disables all wiki parsers.
  • #REDIRECT Topicname - Redirects the topic to another topic.
  • #REDIRECT http://some url - Redirects control to a url.
  • #RENAME Topicname - Renames the topic.
    How does one edit a page that previously had the #REDIRECT directive placed in it?
    Manually type its 'edit' URL, for example
    What is the difference between #REDIRECT Topicname and #RENAME
    #REDIRECT Topicname allows us to have multiple names pointing to a single physical topic.
    #REDIRECT URL is a physical redirect to anywhere on the web
    #RENAME NewTopicName renames the topic.

    Category Learning Wiki
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