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This is a place to hang out and share news, ideas or possible topics before getting anything done, you know, the first place to be early in the morning even before going to slashdot.

[2004.12.09 09:38pm]
Walking around the pages I found an interesting project named DABO, kinda data framework in python for linux. Any of the creators in the crowd? How's the project going?
Yeah, I'm around. But I should first clarify that Dabo is for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
Things are going very well, as we just released version 0.3 yesterday, and I'm beginning to work on developing the visual designer. Dunno if it'll be as nice as the VFP Class Designer, but that's my goal. --Ed

[2004.12.09 09:42pm]
How is the fox gang embracing Avalon/XAML?
I wish there is a VFP10 that will take full advantage of the new paradigm.

[2004.12.09 09:53pm]
Another thought I would like to explore is about Serialization/Deserialization in Fox.
It has always intrigued me how the resulting stream would be.
I have to dust off some code that does that in so many formats to see if we can put something functional together.

[2004.12.09 10:03pm]
SUN just had a great meeting with the greatest of python, perl, php, groovy and others.
Discussing the possibilities of incorporating dynamic languages to the java platform.
I wonder what MS has under their sleeve now that they hired Jim Hugunin of ironpyhton fame.
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