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A place to suggest wiki macros. See Wiki Macros for current macros.
Any chance of a Wiki Macro to set the font back to black? Or some other indication of how to end a font color change? I just used the font red macro and turned the rest of the paragraph red. Figured out I had to use font endtag to end it where I wanted but a macro would be handy.
[02/11/04] How about a macro that formats the entire Wiki into a printable document with Table of Contents and Index. This way when a wIki is used for Living Document type projects, a hard copy can be made.

Here's a thought, make it easier to reference files and graphics loaded into the wiki ftp directories. Like maybe...
#IMG #filename.gif -> would be saved as img src='graphics/filename.gif'
#FILE #filename.vcx -> would be saved as
-- Rox
I like this suggestion... I rarely use the wiki ftp directories because I can never remember where they are. As an adjunct, if the file/image doesn't yet exist in the directory, make a "?" link by the reference which would either link to an HTTP upload page with a local path field and a "Browse" button, or just give brief instructions on what server/directory to use to upload via FTP. - wgcs
Add line 1 directives (they are macros, right?) to the Wiki Macro key while editing pages -- Nancy Folsom
[07/23/99] Be able to turn on and off wiki parsings at specified points.\

Suggestion: #NOP# directly preceding word to be ignored, i.e, McConnell. -- ?tr
You can always enclose text you don't want parsed with the Wiki "ignore" tag: , like this: McConnell will render as McConnell. -- Ed Leafe
This would also be nice to have in the "macro key" while editing pages, too. - wgcs
Show the macros on the Edit form right below the textarea. That's even more important to me than the Category Listing. -- Randy Pearson
Done!-- Steven Black
Also, I guess the pound-W-pound thing is pretty cute, but aren't all wiki topics by definition :) ? -- Randy P
yes, but this is more for the times when you are interrupted in mid-topic by, say, a two year old :).-- Steven Black
The fading new is way cool, but what about self deleting content? ?jMM
Is there a Use Case for that?-- Steven Black
Yes, but it's a Brief Case!
  • How about RecentImprovements. The entries could be tagged to automatically disappear after a week or so.
  • Someone could change a wiki and then add an annotation commenting on the change that is more of "hey look at this". At some point someone will have to take this out. It would be nice to have a macro do it.
  • It would give us a pending delete feature that would be helpful for editing wikies. I could go into a wiki that contains what I think is a lot of noise and mark the noise as deleted. This gives the group a chance to react to the deletion before it occurs. -- jMM
    How about a way to put anchors inside large topics, and then link to them via extended WikiWords? For example, I just wanted to cross reference to item (e) on the Data Session topic.

    Other Wikis do this, for example

    Is this too big a change? Adding anchors is probably easy, but adding more complex WikiWord parsing might be tricky. Syntax could be square bracket syntax like TWiki, or perhaps a syntax like WikiWord.anchorname

    -- Walter Nicholls
    Category Wiki Admin
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