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A place for stuff we've emphasized in the past.

  • October Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Sedna posted

  • Updated XSource for Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP1 released. Get it here .
    (May 2005)
  • The May 2005 letter from Ken Levy has been released.
    Breaking News: Quoting Ken Levy:
    This month's letter contains a summary of some recent Visual FoxPro news as the Visual FoxPro team is busy working on future plans for Visual FoxPro to be announced next month.

    (April 2005) The Fox Team has a new survey available here. Curiously, this wiki is not listed among far lesser selections as a source of VFP information. -- Steven Black
    The survey has been closed.

    (October 2004) The October 2004 Letter from the Editor is online at the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Developer Center at

    (October 2004) The wiki now has a Cascading Style Sheet for printing purposes. Please let me know how this works for you, and please forward any suggestions you may have.

    (August 2004) We now offer a syndication channel. See also Wiki Rss Documentation for details, especially concerning different flavors of the RSS feed.

    (July 2004) The VFP 9 public beta is available for download from Microsoft. See also Visual FoxPro Version Feature Concordance.

    (June 2004) I've just updated my Software Engineering BookshelfOffsite link to
with a few titles that I've recently enjoyed.-- Steven Black

    (Mar 2004) The March 2004 version of Wiki Offline is available at Wiki Offline Mirror Sites.

    (Mar 2004) Contrary to prior reports, Fox Talk is not dead. Congratulations to David Stevenson, its new editor. More good news in Ken Levy's March 2004 letter.

    (Mar 2004) I want to thank all the kind folks who've made public links and references to the Fox wiki. As a result, searches on FoxPro and Visual FoxPro in most major search engines consistently rank the wiki in the top 3 sites listed. This is awesome! Thank you! See also Linking To Wiki

    (Feb 2004) The VFP OLE DB Provider updated in VFP 8.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is now available for separate download here.

    (2003) The wiki e-mail address parser now HTML-encodes e-mail addresses to prevent spam bots from lifting email addresses from this site. Therefore you can now put e-mail addresses into wiki topics with less fear of receiving spam as a result. Thanks to jMM for the suggestion, and this link to a terrific report about spam.

    (2003) Visual FoxPro 8.0 Service Pack 1 Released. See

    (2003) Check out this new article, The Hooks and Anchors Design Pattern. [2003.04.03] I've just added a nice example to illustrate a Hooks and Anchor Pattern in Visual FoxPro.-- Steven Black

    (2003) A Request: Folks, please maintain the string " Category Available " as appropriate in your personal topic so we can tell at a glance who might be available. To this end, also make sure your personal topic includes your e-mail address and also where you are located, etc. Thanks!-- Steven Black

    (2003) VFP 8 Released to Manufacturing. And now available for download by MSDN subscribers and everyone else through Shop.Microsoft.Com.

    (Fall 2002) Rick Strahl is awarded the FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award

    (Fall 2002) The Fox Team now reports to YAlan Griver at Microsoft.

    (Fall 2002) Advisor Publications reports a new date for DevCon 14: 15 - 18 June, 2003 in Palm Springs, California at Marriott's Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa. See

    (Summer 2002) See an excellent article about Dave Fulton here.

    (Summer 2002) A new wiki devoted to Dot Net development is now at This new Dot Net wiki starts with thousands of existing topics on software engineering and windows software development that have been contributed in the VFP, VB, and SQL Server wikis. Take note! The new Dot Net topics will automatically appear in the default views of the VFP and VB wikis. However if you have configured custom namespace views in the VFP, VB, or SQL Server wikis, and if you wish to see Dot Net topics in those views, you should follow the Namespace link and activate the Dot Net namespace in those views.
  • Wiki Web Services, which have been inoperative for most of this month, are back up. See Wiki Web Services.
    (Spring 2002) John PinterOffsite link to, friend, author, and a valued member of the VFP and Bay Area disabled communites, died Saturday morning, April 27th, 2002. He was 33 years old.

    (Fall 2001) Rod Paddock named Editor of CoDe Magazine, David Stevenson is Associate Publisher. Full story:

    (Fall 2001) Whil Hentzen is awarded the first FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award

    (Fall 2001) Ken Levy is the new VFP product manager.

    (Summer 2001) Amongst wiki owners and operators we're discussing Wiki Web Services. See Wiki Web Services Home Page.

    (November 2000) Sorry for the slow response times on Monday and Tuesday! Our system was being flooded by some asshole at -- Steven Black

    (November 2000) Go AmericaOffsite link to to Acquire Assets of Flash Creative Management. For more information from Flash, see

    (August 2000) We're proud to also host the WebConnectionWiki. See in particular how the West Wind Message Board (hosted in Oregon, USA) interfaces with the WebConnectionWiki (hosted in Kingston, Canada) using the XML features of the wiki. Try a query at You'll need IE 5 with cross-domain security properly configured.

    (August 2000) Wednesday Night Lectures - This is the Wiki homepage of the Wednesday Night Lectures Seminars series. When the logs are posted, a link to each log will be available here!

    (August 2000) Wiki XML Catalog describes the new XML features of the wiki. Recent problem with Wiki XSLTest are fixed.

    (August 2000) You can now #REDIRECT to a URL. See other Wiki Line One Directives.

    (July 2000) Prefix the URL with "xml" to get XML back. Example:

    (July 2000) IE5 users: In many areas you can display wiki contents as XML. Topics and other data can be fetched in XML by appending ~&mode=xml to the url. You can also use XSL with XML in the wiki. See Wiki XSLTest and jMM for example. Wiki XML Catalog lists all the XML features of the wiki.

    (July 2000) Over in Who Am I, you can now specify a string that is automatically appended to all wiki pages. Use this, for example, to display your favorite links. This string is stored in your wiki cookie.

    (July 2000) Also over in Who Am I, if you specify your name, that will be listed in Recent Changes in place of your mangled IP address.

    (June 2000) You may now formally identify yourself to the wiki here: Who Am I. If you specify your name, that will be listed in Recent Changes in place of your mangled IP address.

    (June 2000) Visual Studio Service Pack 4 is released. See

    (June 2000) I've changed the way search results are presented, and you can now sort search results by most recently modified as well as alphabetically, as it was before. To see what I mean, try something in the Jump To box. Thanks to Mike Feltman for the idea.-- Steven Black Your Welcome Steve! Glad you could implement this so quickly, I've already found it very useful. -- Mike Feltman

    (June 2000) See (and please update) Upcoming Events for news on conferences, meetings, and training courses with openings. Major announced events include DevCon 11 (Sep 2000), the Great Lakes Great Database Workshop (Nov 2000), and the Visual FoxExpress DevConOffsite link to
(Dec 2000).

    (June 2000) The June versions of the Palm and HTML Help snapshots of the Fox Forum Wiki are now available. See Wiki Offline Mirror Sites.

    (June 2000) You can add news to this section by editing the FoxWiki News topic.

    (May 2000) Check these links to the Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures Exam, Visual FoxPro Distributed Exam, Visual FoxPro Desktop Exam, and the VB Desktop Exam study materials.

    (April 2000) Note the "Jump To" search box in the navigation areas.

    (April 2000) The Wiki Offline HTMLHelp Versions and Wiki Offline Palm Versions are available at our Wiki Offline Mirror Sites.

    (March 2000) Topic save operations are now much, much faster.

    (February 2000) You can use Recent Changes X (note the X) to get a complete listing of topics since they were last saved, regardless if the user chose to "Include page in Recent Changes list" and regardless if they are Topic Annotations.

    (December 1999) List Categories is considerably snappier.

    (December 1999) Wiki Email Notification: You can now subscribe to email notification when topics change. We'll start actually sending email on Dec 17th.

    (December 1999) Wiki Transclusion Configuration: If you follow the Namespace link at the top of each topic, you can personally configure how your wiki subscribes to various namespaces.

    (December 1999) The way pages are generated has changed, and Netscape users should see the greatest benefits of this.

    (November 1999) Major new feature: Transcluded Wiki. See the VB Wiki at, and SQLServer wiki at which leverage (share) many of the topics we've assembled here.

    (November 1999) Use Wiki Webs to organize your own business! We are using a Wiki web to manage all our business needs. Read all about it: EPSInternal Wiki Case Study -- MarkusEgger

    (November 1999) Our new permanent URL is See Wiki Old URLs for gory details.

    (November 1999) A new wiki macro, (no space) makes a fading "Updated" marker.

    (November 1999) Note to Volunteer Housekeepers: Topics beginning with an underscore, "_", henceforth known as Topic Annotations, will never appear in Recent Changes or any Alphabetic Topic List. They will, however, appear as a result of Find or in the references listed by clicking topic titles. Use "_" for topics that are continuations off a main topic but don't, in and of themselves, stand on their own. The wiki considers the "_" character to be uppercase if it starts a word. See _ More About Underscore Topics

    (November 1999) The Edit page now allows you to set the size of the edit region in rows and columns. No need to save the topic, just hit the Resize button. This setting is saved in a cookie on your machine. A good setting for 1024-by-768 video seems to be rows=25, columns=120.

    (October 25, 1999) Microsoft reinstates the Most Valuable Professional program. See MVPProgram Oct 99 Turmoil

    (October 23, 1999) The Edit page now allows you to set the size of the edit region in rows and columns. No need to save the topic, just hit the Resize button. This setting is saved in a cookie on your machine. A good setting for 10 by 7 video seems to be rows=25, columns=120.

    (October 22, 1999) Microsoft cancels the Most Valuable Professional program

    (October 12, 1999) We just installed a new server, and server-side wiki processes now take 1/3 of the time across the board. You should see a half-second savings on most pages, considerably more on the longer ones.

    (October 8, 1999) Our new permanent URL: See also Wiki Old URLs.

    (September 13, 1999) If a topic is less than 3-days old, the Wiki now displays a [NEW] next to the topic in topic lists. In the Recent Changes list, if the topic was less than three days old on the date it was last edited, the [NEW] also appears. This is to attract attention to new or otherwise possibly undercooked topics so they can get fleshed as quickly and completely as possible.

    (August 9, 1999) We now have a primitive semaphore system in place. If you edit a topic for which someone else has an uncommitted edit in the five minutes prior, you'll get a message that says, hey, beware that someone else might be editing this topic too.

    (July 30 1999) Starting now, when you click on the "?" link that accompanies an empty topic, you go straight to the Edit page. Also note the Edit page now tells you the originating topic if you arrived there from within the wiki.

    (July 27 1999) When a MS Knowledge Base reference comes up, like Q113943 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q113943 , we link it directly to the Microsoft KB article.

    (July 23 1999) Random Topics generates a list of random topics, which is good because it surfaces good stuff that may not otherwise be in Recent Changes.

    (July 22 1999) We can have the following topic line 1 directives to use to improve invocation performance on longer topics. (See how much faster VFP Version 7 Wish List comes up now)
  • #NOHTTPLINKS -- Disables the parsing for automatic links to the web.
  • #NOHOTLINKS -- Disables the parsing for wiki links.
    (July 19 1999) VFP Version 7 Wish List

    (July 19 1999) Check out the latest news about Ken Levy!

    (July 17 1999) Category Games demontrates that you can use scripting in your wiki topics, potentially to do many cool things. For example, collect names and addresses of viewers interested in your consulting or training services...

    (July 17 1999) See the top pages of the past 7 days to InterestingWikiNotes

    (July 16 1999) What are people reading here? Check out InterestingWikiNotes

    (July 12 1999) You can now access Fox Forum Wiki at

    (July 11 1999) The July 11th Alertbox Letter has us convinced: Hyperlinks outside the Wiki will no longer open in a new browser.

    (July 7 1999) Cool new feature: Topics can now be redirected to other topics. To do this place the string #REDIRECT topicname in line 1 column 1 of the topic. In this way the link MSd N is redirected to Microsoft Developer Network, and so on.
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