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Wiki Plurals Problem

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

[07/25/99] (Refactored from Improving Wiki.)
Do we really need topics named XYZ and XYZs? Is there anyway to just automatically redirect the plurals to the singular name? -- David Frankenbach
The short answer is no. Unfortunately. But I cleaned up the recent changes list....-- Steven Black

Well I had to ask, maybe we can figure something out to avoid the proliferation of topic entries.

You can manually redirect plural topics to their singular cousins using the #REDIRECT topicName macro. -- ? jMM

John - yup that's what's already done on those topics, it just seems there has to be a better way.
Could we have a Wiki convenstion that a capital S as the last letter, whenever the preceding letter was lower case, is a plural indicator and should be ignored for topic determination, like Use Case Diagram S ? -- Randy Pearson [A second, less attractive way might be apostrophe then s, like Use Case Diagram's.]
Wiki Plurals Problem
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