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I'm thinking of using the Wiki for a presentation at the Chicago Foxpro User's Group. The Fox.Wiki is always there so all you need is a computer and a connection - and you don't need handouts. If folks ever want to refer to your presentation, before/during/after, they can do so. And it just might start a conversation here.

I have two problems:

1. I need a bold font that is visible from the back of the room. I like the font in the Wiki Edit screen better than what you get with the 'pre' tags. Anyone know that font? Then I'll need bold.

Two suggestions: use View ~ Text Size to bump the font, and search your hard drive for Zoomin.Exe, which is a magnifying glass type application.-- Steven Black

The largest font size in my browser (IE 6) is perfect. Zoomin may not be needed.

2. How do you include graphics in a Wiki entry? I need to create the graphic in something that is free and then I need to know how to post it.

See WikiFTPDirectories-- Steven Black

I'm going to try an MS-Paint presentation in the blackboard style. A little graphics conversion from .bmp to .gif might do it. Thanks.

Joe Kuhn
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