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[Dec 2003] The wiki now balances < ol> and < ul> tags so unbalanced tags don't cause the rendering of the bottom of the wiki page to indent.
[Dec 2003] The wiki now forces the reload of pages which should mostly eliminate the showing of stale pages by your browser.
[Dec 2003] The wiki can now be searched using Google's search engine. See Searching Wiki.
[Nov 2003] The wiki is now hosted on a much faster server. (Specs?)
[Nov 2003] Miscellaneous HTML improvements.
[Sept 2003] The wiki now distinguishes topics that are solely URL redirects to another site from those topics containined within the Wiki using this image:
[June 2003] The wiki now runs under VFP 8 on its server.
[2001- late 2003] Improvements not logged here.
[July 2000] The "Jump To" field at the top and bottom keep the previous search text after the Search Results page has been loaded
[July 2000] The search results pages provide an option to return the results in the order of the date last modified? Just click on the appropriate column header. Thanks to Mike Feltman for the idea.
[June 2000] Who Am I
[June 2000] Massive increase in page generation speed for longer pages.
[April 2000] Put the "Jump to" form in the header too. Thanks to CFK for the impetus.
[April 2000] The wiki shell is enabled for localization to any language.
[April 2000] Three namespace identifier now adorns all topic lists.
[February 2000] Wiki Offline versions crated
[December 1999] Wiki Parse Upon Save
[December 1999] Wiki Email Notification
[December 1999] List Categories speed
[December 1999] WikiTransclusion
[10/31/99] Topic Annotations.
[10/9/99] Category No Category.
[10/9/99] Wiki Line One Directives
Wiki Macros
[9/13/99] If a topic is less than 3-days old, the Wiki now displays a [NEW] next to the topic in topic lists. In the Recent Changes list, if the topic was less than three days old on the date it was last edited, the [NEW] also appears.
[09/12/99] The parser now removes the ? when it processes a forced tag like jMM. Thanks! -- jMM
[08/20/99] The tipsForBeginers topic has been renamed to Wiki Tips For Beginners, and the commonQuestions topic is now Wiki Common Questions.
[08/20/99] The alphabetic listing pages now has a letter links line to quickly get you to any letter in the list.
[08/15/99] The topic search in the find page now searches within topic names, not just topics "starting with...". Duh. -- Steven Black
[08/11/99] Wiki Lock Pages
[08/11/99] The Search results page displays the number of matches, and if the search results page is a moderately long list, a toolbar now appears at the top. Thanks to Mike Feltman for these suggestions.
[08/09/99] You may have noticed that recently the wiki's topic rendering speed has improved by at least 40%, and much better than 40% for the longer topics. Internally, the wiki engine is using ALINES() instead of MLINE(), and that's a huge huge gainer. For more, see Traversing Text.-- Steven Black
[08/09/99] Steve the top menu table has a BR in it that makes it "too" big. If you want some yellow space around it how about just using a little cellpadding on the table instead? -- David Frankenbach Done!-- Steven Black
[07/30/99] Can the link from the '?' for a new topic be changed to go straight to the topic editing form (i.e., to Edit~topic_name instead of just the empty topic page, where you have to click edit). This is quicker and reduces server hits. Done!-- Steven Black
[07/28/99] With Web Connection you can look at request.getpreviousurl() and know what topic the person just clicked over from. You could use this to seed the form's TEXTAREA with the name of the linked topic. This is real handy since, when I type a new topic, I often want to embed a reference back to the topic I came from (and being over 40, don't always remember the exact name :)). -- Randy Pearson Done! Steven Black
[07/28/99] In the footer, next to the link to, can you add a datetime stamp that shows when the page was generated. It would help sometimes when I'm not sure if I'm looking at a very current version of something. (I have lots of open browser windows all the time.) -- Randy P Done!-- Steven Black
[07/27/99] Redirected pages should not be included in the random topics list. -- ?jMM
Fixed, thanks John.-- Steven Black
[07/27/99] If the rule is that all new topics are automatically added to the Recent Changes list then the checkbox should be omitted. An exception to this rule is when the new topic is being redirected to another topic. ?jMM
Fixed so "Include page in Recent Changes List" always works, regardless if the page is new or not-- Steven Black
[07/27/99] Recent Changes page now auto-refreshes every 10 minutes if you leave this open on your browser. I like this. -- Randy P
When a MS Knowledge Base reference comes up, like Q113943 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q113943, we link directly to the Microsoft KB article
Any topic that is about the Wiki itself (i.e., our infrastructure), rather than about development, should include Wiki in the topic name. This really helps avoid confusion. Examples: Wiki Bug Reports, Wiki Generative Pages -- Randy P
Fixed. Feel free to suggest others.-- Steven Black.
[07/22/99] We can have the following topic line 1 directives to use to improve invocation performance on longer topics. (See how much faster VFP Version 7 Wish List comes up now)
  • #NOHTTPLINKS -- Disables the parsing for automatic links to the web.
  • #NOHOTLINKS -- Disables the parsing for wiki links.
    [07/21/99] The category listing should include a count of the number of topics in each category. ?jMM
    Done!-- Steven Black
    [07/19/99] Font Size for the topic heading is too large in MSIE. Look at the page for Big System Development Facilities Requirements with your text size set to Medium. It is huge. -- Randy P
    Better?-- Steven Black Yup. -- Randy P
    [07/19/99] Steve: if you add a line inside the head you don't have to include a target directive in every link, it might save a gigabyte or two of bandwidth over the life of the site. David Frankenbach
    Done-- Steven Black
    [07/17/99] Show the macros on the Edit form right below the textarea. That's even more important to me than the Category Listing. -- Randy Pearson
    Done!-- Steven Black
    [07/08/99] When editing, below the edit region, the page now displays a lists of all current categories, as well as the usual page links. Thanks to jMM for this suggestion.
    [07/08/99] Alphabetic Topic List is now filtered to keep the list length manageable. Note the URL, which you can tweak for your own letter ranges.
    [07/03/99] Topic Aliasing
    [06/25/99] Now the wiki has a fading [NEW] that will be red for three days, orange for three days, grey for two days, and invisible thereafter. Use the "#N #" macro (without the space) as described in Wiki Macros. Thanks to Randy Pearson for the idea!
    (06/25/99) Wiki Macros
    (June 23)PRE tags now work as you might expect (yeah!)-- Steven Black
    (June 23)When the header of a wiki is clicked performing a search for wikies that reference this wiki, it would be nice if the page returned including the name of the wiki being looked up in addition to the title "Search Results". -- jMM. Done!-- Steven Black
    (June 23) I've changed the footer to include a < br > tag so that there is a blank line between the footer and the first line of the wiki, when the footer is used as a header. Clear? -- jMM I modified the page generator to automatically add the break-- Steven Black
    (June 18) Change TITLE tag in HEAD section to say "Wiki - Topic" rather than just "Topic" so we can locate the right IE window on our crowded task bar. (I leave several IE windows open at once.) -- Randy Pearson Done!-- Steven Black
    (June 18) Put the string "#DELETE" in line 1, column 1 one of a topic and the parser will delete it. This is how one can remove a topic. Note that you really should check and fix external references to the topic before killing it! Do this by clicking on the topic title to generate a list of references.-- Steven Black
    (June 17) The last 3 digit of the user's IP address in Recent Changes are mangled for display purposes. This because of valid security concerns... WikiIPAddressDisplay-- Steven Black
    (June 16) Wiki Cosmetic Save
    (June 15) A question mark with a space following it no longer causes the parser to create that as a topic. Thanks to Bob Archer for reporting this. Fixed.-- Steven Black
    (June 14)If it won't kill performance, can ' and 's be recognized as decorators to actual topic names. For example, I cannot say: see Calvin Hsia's conference notes, since it creates a different topic, so I rewrite awkwardly. -- Randy Pearson
    Fixed.-- Steven Black
    (June 11 99) Last Edit Datetime Display the last edit datetime somewhere (maybe after the title). That way, when you are hyperlinking all over the place, you get an idea of how current a post might be. I might be less inclined to edit a page if it has gotten stale than if I know people have been writing the topic recently.
    Done-- Steven Black
    (June 11 99) How about a Recent Changes button up in the top frame. At this time I have already added it to the links bar on my IE5.0. -- Bob Archer
    Done. A nav bar appears at the top if MEMLINES()>20-- Steven Black
    (June 11 99) Wiki menus I'd like the menus to be a the top as well as the bottom to prevent having to scroll through long wikies (sp?) - ?jMM
    Done. A nav bar appears at the top if MEMLINES()>20-- Steven Black
    (June 11 99) I've added a new wiki Wiki Admin for posting messages to the administrator. - jMM
    Category Wiki Admin
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