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How to rename a wiki topic?

You rename a topic by copying an old topic to a new topic and then deleting the old. Here's how.

Note the key step # 3 below: Before you #REDIRECT or #DELETE the former topic, make sure all the topics pointing to the former topic point to the new topic. To see all inbound links to any topic, use the the topic title hyperlink.

To rename a topic from, say, OldTopic to NewTopic.

  1. Create a topic named NewTopic.
  2. Copy the contents of OldTopic to NewTopic. Save.
  3. Make (i.e. Edit) all the topics pointing to OldTopic point to NewTopic. To see all inbound links to OldTopic, use the the OldTopic title link.
  4. Delete the contents of the oldTopic, replacing that with either a #REDIRECT NewTopic to forward future wayward pointers towards NewTopic, or a #DELETE to delete the topic if you deem forwarding unnecessary. See Wiki Line One Directives for more information about #REDIRECT and #DELETE

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