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Here is how the wiki software determines what to include in the Wiki Rss feed. Test
Different flavors of the feed
VerboseTopic contents up to the first horizontal line.
BriefFirst paragraph only.

Different aspects of the feed
You can further refine the contents of the feed by restricting your query to particular name spaces.

For example, to view changes, "Topic title only" flavor, (see above) in the VFP or Software Engineering namespaces only, the URL would be:
Note the "ns=288" in the URL above which is the addition of the VFP and Software Engineering values in the table below:
&ns= URL Parameter
VFP (2480 topics approx) 256
Software Engineering (1100 topics approx) 32
Windows COM and API (850 topics approx) 64
People (830 topics ap 1024
VB (60 topics approx) 512
.Net (37 topics approx) 4096
B2B (33 topics approx) 2048

Regardless of the flavor of the feed, Wiki Editor Comments are included in the feed.

Topics Included:
These topics are included in the Wiki Rss feed:
Topics Excluded
These topics will not appear in the Wiki Rss feed:
Of course, you'll need one of the many RSS Aggregator Programs.
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Enhancement Request: Consider a lastBuildDate optional tag for the header, so automated processes can figure out when they last read the feed.
Done!-- Steven Black [2004.07.09]
Enhancement Request: How about a "headlines only" feed for those of us who want to come to the site to read the article, but skim hundreds of headlines in our aggregators, perhaps in the form of an optional parameter, or as a different link, using an XML transform similar to the XML magic on the wgcs page? -- tr Done!-- Steven Black
Done!-- Steven Black [2004.07.09]
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