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Suggestions that probably won't get addressed in the near future...
Is it possible to have a frame-based list browser? So, for instance, when I go to Recent Changes X, the list would appear in a pane on the left side of the screen, and I could then select an item on that list to display on the right? (Substitute "top" and "bottom" as desired).
We don't do frames here. See Why frames suck. You can easily do what you want, on any website, by using the Ie Shift Click Trick.
Thanks for the quick response :) Most of the objections listed in the article don't apply to this use case, and your response is akin to saying that one doesn't need a two-pane Explorer window because one can view the contents of any folder in a separate window. But it's not my playground (and I'm sure not volunteering :)
Well, just for example, if we used frames you could never copy the URL from the address bar. Also you couldn't favorite a particular topic. These reasons alone kill frames. Sorry, it's not going to happen.-- Steven Black
Make the bottom frame, while in edit mode, sizable. That way we can see more paragraphs in the browser when editing a large page.
Er.... no frames here :-)-- Steven Black
...and that wouldn't work anyway, since a TEXTAREA doesn't grow when a frame gets sized. One alternative could be to check MEMLINES, and for larger topics, increase the ROWS= setting of the TEXTAREA. -- Randy Pearson
Does the Wiki use frames when it includes the menu on the top and bottom of each page? If so, I'd vote for moving all of these options to a frame on the left that's available regardless of where you are on the right. If it's not in frames, placing this information in a frame on the left may also speed rendering since this content will be static.
The wiki doesn't use frames, never will. For reasons, see the article on Alert Box titled Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time).-- Steven Black

A 'Next in category' and maybe even a previous - it would show up as a little arrow next to the Category link as another little link: Category Wiki Admin -> It would be a way to go page to page of a category without having to pull up the list of cats between each page. I did this by hand to link a bunch of the Category VFP Debugger pages, and now I am worried that if another page is added, someone may miss it because it is not in the 'ring' I made.
In IE, Shift+click opens pages in a new window, and in Netscape you can open a link in new window with a rightclick. That's what I do when I have a list of things to look at -- not just here -- but with all link-rich websites. I don't think adding a next/prev links to category links would add much value unless someone is actually going alphabetically through a list of categories, which in my view is very unlikely. -- Steven Black
I have been bitten by the categorizing bug again. CategoryCOM and Category Companies are overlapping. It seems this feature can cause unintended results. -- Evan Delay
As I said earlier, this behavior is by design, and won't change. Change companies to firms or software companies or whatever you need to do to distance it from CategoryCOM.-- Steven Black.
Sorry, I disagree. This feature will continue to trip people up. Another example is CategoryCOM and Category Computer Terms
Give it a rest. I changed CategoryCOM to Category C _ O _ M.-- Steven Black
I imagine you're against this, but I think a combobox of categories with the word category stripped off of it so that you can use keyboard searching in the combobox would be handy.
I've put the List Categories into two columns, and I don't know about you, but I prefer to see the whole collection in a glance rather than scroll through 80+ items in a combobox.-- Steven Black

Self-Referential Links
Is there a reason that references on a page that point to itself are still parsed into links? For example, if I mention Wiki Suggestions Rejected here, it creates a link, although I'm already here! (I'm sure this has been discussed already, but I couldn't find the answer...)
Good question. This is one of those design issues.... I could check each link, and not link to the current page, but then
  1. The wiki topic link parser would need to know the current topic name. Currently it doesn't.
  2. In code, a control structure would execute around the creation of each link on every page generated, forever.
  3. The same topic may exist elsewhere in the Transcluded Wiki. See for example, the "See Also" list in the header of topics like Volunteer Housekeepers.
  4. Er, for what benefit, again? :-)
So simplicity wins in this case. -- Steven Black
If a wikipage contains its title in the text, it creates a jump back to itself...a little psychadelic. Can the jump be eliminated?
Sorry, no :-). It's really an issue of maintaining parser speed by not having it handle many low-return exceptions like this.-- Steven Black

I would like the FONT tag to span paragraphs so that code can be colorized.
Sorry. See Wiki Why It Automatically Closes Tags for why certain tags are automagically closed by the parser. If you need to colorize many paragraphs, place a font tag (or use an easy Wiki Macro!) in front of each one. When you do so, don't bother closing the Font tag. That's automatic :-).-- Steven Black
Why not to implement Wiki in Web Server In FoxPro ? This eliminates IIS overhead. Also, this will show the full power of fox.
Because IIS is a great product, no complaints whatsoever, and I don't feel any need whatsoever to 'show the full power of fox' where excellent products more than fill the space, and the need. IIS does a lot more than poll port 80...-- Steven Black
Could you add an AccessWiki for MS Access "developers?"
(Referring to Random Topics) Can you arrange the topics alphabetically, so topics with similar root names are together?
Sorry. Scrambling the order of Random Topics is intentional since if you always see things in [A-Z] order then that biases the low letters.-- Steven Black
How about being able to remove a page from Recent Changes, like when we forget to uncheck the "Include page in Recent Changes List" checkbox.
I thought about this, and I conclude that the occasional Recent Changes false-positive is acceptable relative to the ability to recreate a topic evolution chain in case we ever get Page Wipers or hacked in other ways.-- Steven Black
Can XML be used to post content to the Wiki? I've been looking around - it's either not available or buried pretty deep and I don't know how to find it. I want to update our code documentor to post the documentation to our Wiki as it is regenerated. If it can be done can you post a code snippet to save on the brain-strain (or point me to an existing Wiki document)?
No. The simple reason for this is I want to avoid high-volume low-content error-prone posting into this human-readable area.-- Steven Black
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