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Steve: To help in refactoring and housekeeping, maybe a good idea is a macro (or other special tag) to allow for temporary comments, which get deleted after a short period of time. That way, you can "correct" or refactor someone else's hard work, and insert a temporary comment, out of respect to the author. But the server would delete the comment after awhile, rather than leaving it in permanently and having it detract from the migration from a "discussion" to a "document".

An example might look like #TEMP# Markus: I adjusted the syntax in your example code to reflect service pack 3 enhancements. -- Randy P #/TEMP#.
This helps in situations where (1) you would like to change something, and (2) out of respect for authors and others, you want to indicate the what/why of your change, but (3) the value of your explanatory comment is only temporay--not part of what the permanent document should contain. -- Randy Pearson
I also vote for this one. -- Jim BoothOffsite link to
It definitely has my vote too. -- Alex Feldstein
Same here, this would be great for somebody like me who always feels compelled to overstate things =D) -- Roxanne Seibert
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