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General to do list. Items in this list are suggestions we've decided to someday implement.
See Wiki Wish List for things still in the "wish" stage.
The header bar's "Search" link turned into all 6000+ AlphabeticTopicList~A~Z and I can't remember what the topic is that defines that.
We need a way to search on empty headers so we can see holes that need plugging
The rename macro could use a cascade option.
We need to be able to restrict searches to specific categories.
Topics need a description that is distinct from the body of the topic. The description would appear in header section of the topic when viewed and in a textbox when the topic is edited.
Wiki Temporary Comments
Can you colorize the code snippets? just making comments green is all I really want. -- CFK This has been done!
Not sure if this is reasonable, but if you start an ordered list [ol], and don't end it, it hoses up the footer. -- CFK Plain ol' [ul] lists do it too. Thanks.-- Steven Black
I'd love to see an option to merge multiple topics into a single HTML document. This would be very handy for printing and viewing offline. I could see implementing it in two places (which I think are the same place.) After a successful Find, have an option that reads something like "View Results in Single Document" that simply grabs each topic and stuffs it into a single document. The other place would be from within a category and I believe a category is nothing more than a search. - Mike Feltman
That's a great idea, Mike!-- Steven Black
Let's support some page directives. For example, #READONLY" on the first line would make a topic read only except for administrators. #APPENDONLY" would make a page append-only except for administrators. These directives would be stripped out, and the mode of the page would be indicated in the header somehow, perhaps as in "Wiki Wish List (read only)".
If the Find Page results contain one and only one hit, then don't display the Find Results page and instead go to the hit.
Clicking the top left hand icon should bring us somewhere. Default.htm? Any way we can configure the destination with runtime data? Also consider the more general question of how to controllably add objects at run time, like banners for example.
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