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See the Edit hyperlink in the coloured band on this page? (hint: it is at the top and bottom of the page) This means you can edit this page!!
Welcome to the wiki.

If you've just arrived, we probably do not know what on earth you are looking at. Unfortunately, it is very confusing with all these run-together words... and what is more, much of the help tells you how to do something TO the wiki without actually telling you what the wiki IS, nor why you would want to change it or any aspects of it.

In fact, there ARE descriptions of what this is, but they are badly named (if you are a beginner, which is when you need to find them!). Hence this page.

I suggest reading Good Starting Places first, which will tell you 'what' the wiki is... well sort of...Oh, all right, it doesn't really. What a shame nobody could update it to be more descriptive and helpful to new users. Hmmm...hang on a minute, why not click on that EDIT button in the yellow bar when you're on the Good Starting Places page... perhaps; it allows you to update it yourself...

Next, you might try Create Your Own Pages, and after that, you know enough to get started.

Best of luck.
When saving a topic after making a minor change (e.g., correcting typos), unchecking the 'Include page in Recent Changes List' checkbox next to the save button will save the topic but not change the save date, meaning the topic will not rise to the top of the Recent Changes list. By default, the checkbox is checked.
If you see a neat effect in one of the pages, and wonder how they did it, just invoke Edit Text on that page. You can always just leave the page without modifying it.
If you want to name a page with a single word, such as "contention", prefix the word with a '?'. Example: ?Citrix In order to demonstrate, the preceding is not a link, otherwise you would not be able to see the '?', it would look like this: Citrix. Edit this page and look here to make this all CLEAR. OK!
Links not Questions: In this Wiki, when you have a question, try to ask it in the form of an unresolved link. Just turn it into a link, trusting that someone will fill it in later.-- Steven Black
And an unresolved link looks like ?

The speed of VFP is a very important aspect. VFP uses QuantumBufferingTechnology to garner as much speed as possible when dealing with data.

(now, when someone wants to explain quantum buffering they can click on the above unresolved link and answer the question, which isn't a question anymore but an addition to the Wiki at large.)

Two disclaimers here:

(1) The sample sentence provided above certainly allows one to click on the unresolved link and define it, but doing so would defeat the purpose of the example...

(2) The actual content of the second sample sentence (regarding "quantum buffering") is bogus. :)
If you click on a page title, you get a list of all pages that refer to the page.
See the Transclusion Report to view and configure the Wiki Name Spaces you can see when viewing this website.
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