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A suggestion on implementing versioning in wikies
How about Wiki versioning? Each time a wiki is changed the version is incremented and the URL changes to reflect the latested version. The recent changes would only show the most recent version and changing the URL would cause the URL to show as unselected on the page. - jMM
Good idea, John. But what do you mean by 'cause the URL to show unselected on the page'?-- Steven Black
If the URL for each wiki contained the version then saving a wiki would cause the link to the wiki to show as an unselected link in the browser. As it stands now if you edit a wiki after me it moves to the top of the recent list but the link appears as if I've already been there since the URL is the same. - jMM
Not sure if this is good or not. I'm thinking we will need some way for users to record which topics they are real interested in. This could involve bookmarks at the user end, or storing something at the server end. Either way, would we want the URL to change? -- Randy Pearson
A bookmark on a wiki url that contained a version would simply take you back to that version where you could navigate from that version down to the lastest version or jump directly there. This may actually be a feature. :-) - jMM
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