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Namespace: B2B
A central place to follow the Wiki Web Services project

[2001.05.18] Note, some of these topics are quite "hot" right now. See Avoiding Edit Collisions.


Text Descriptions

Wiki Web Service
Wiki Server Publishing
Wiki Server Subscribing

XML Interfaces

Wiki Master Wiki List XML
Wiki Master Wiki Detail XML

Interoperability Layers

Level 1 Interoperability
Level 2 Interoperability
Level 3 Interoperability

Interface methods

  • Get Wikis
  • Get Wiki
  • Publish Wiki
  • Remove Wiki

  • _ XML e R (Every topic should be valid xml)
    _ WIKIe R (Use VFP or Front Page editors)
    _ WIKIe R (Expand Parent Categories)
    _ VFP e R (HTML Syntax Coloring)

    Housekeeping Note:All thread mode content should be placed in an TopicNameThread topic attached to the main topic. Categorize the threads as Category Global Wiki and Category Thread.
    Category Global Wiki
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