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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Purpose: What to consider when refactoring a wiki topic? Discuss.
Largely taken from WhyRefactorWikiPages on the Wiki Wiki Web and adapted for this wiki


Thread mode
  • Pages seem to grow most naturally through Thread Mode.
  • Thread Mode is hard to read.
  • Interjected entries can break the original thread flow.
  • The value of the sequence decays with age.
  • Document Mode is usually a better way to ingest and learn a topic and thus has a higher value.
    Signed entries
  • People are less likely to change signed entries.
  • People are more likely to respond to signed entries.
  • Some people tend to feel they 'own' their signed entries.
  • It's okay to 'unsign' your entries after a time to encourage subsequent refactoring to Document Mode.
    Entry demarcation
  • Entries can be separated with horizontal lines.
  • Entries can be separated using italics, bold, colors, heading tags, fonts, and font sizes. [see Wiki Macros]
  • Work in process can be marked with a # W# Wiki Macro, like this one
    Page layout
  • Large pages make information more inaccessible.
  • Some pages have a body of text at the top with thread mode comments underneath.
  • New pages make information very accessible.
  • Changes made in the middle of a page are least likely to be seen.
  • Changes made to the start of a page are more likely to be seen.
  • Changes made to the end of a page are most likely to be seen.
  • Changes should be marked with a # N# "Fading New" Wiki Macro [NEW]
  • Changes can be traumatic for the original authors. Be gentle and, to the original authors, realize it's nothing personal.
  • Changes can be changed back, either by the changer upon sober second thought, or by request through Wiki Admin to have a page restored from backup (we backup upon each and every save). So go ahead, change stuff.
  • We don't have very many. I like that.
    I recently got into a little trouble "experimenting" with a computer which was not mine. (My husband had brought a laptop home to troubleshoot.) He remarked that the "can't resist" which got me in trouble was the same personality trait which has allowed me to learn so much so quickly. I think a lot of us are like this: we can't resist refactoring, but we are rather territorial about what we produce. We are programmers, but here we are also Borg. -- Cindy Winegarden
    I sometimes sign my entries because I want them refactored. I'm fairly new to FoxPro and sometimes unsure of my entries so I sign them to help housekeepers and readers. It lets them consider the source. If I see something signed Steven Black I think that's some concrete information. If I see something signed Todd Chandler I might think maybe I should dig a little deeper;) -- Todd Chandler
    I agree with Cindy: signing an entry is like marking your territory! ;-)
    If you want your entries refactored, I would suggest not signing the entry, but rather marking the entry with the "NEW" macro, and adding your name to the contributor list (as you have done below), or just directly ask for refactoring, or ask for opinion on your entry. That's some of the beauty of the wiki! -- Rick Hodder
    Contributors: Steven Black, Cindy Winegarden, Todd Chandler
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