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Example of how the wiki can store, produce, and use XML and XSL. IE only.

This page uses Xs L (stored in __ XSLWiki Topics 1) to present a list of topics of XML origin. Sorting the list by topic name, by the way, happens in the XSL code.

Here are the inputs:
Ref: We're using a 2-channel ISDN pipe. 128k max.
15 Random Topics generated with XSL using Wiki XML


With up and down you can sort the topics on the fly :-) - Thomas Wetterer
Steve: Maybe you should test the browser first as IE5 works but IE4 of course (and I guess Netscape though I haven't tried it) give a runtime error. -- Alex Feldstein
Netscape (v408 and 6) just ignores. - ?lc

Out of curiosity, (and because I didn't see it elsewhere) what is the usefulness of the wiki returning xml? What can I do with it? (The on-the-fly sorting is one example, but that required this page to be designed in xsl; is there anything we can use the rest of the wiki being xml for?) Or is it just because it can be done / or because everyone else is going xml? -- ?wgcs
See for example the Search facility at In this program you query the Web Connection site as well as the WebConnectionWiki (in Kingston, Ontario), the result of which is returned as XML to the West - Wind site (in Oregon) and presented to you in your browser.-- Steven Black
You could also use it to combine content, Vb Script or Java Script functions on another page to your own page by parsing the text element for instance see the result of

It should not be too hard to extract individual functions such as factorial() and use eval() to run them in the calling page. So functions/objects could be distributed across pages. A WikiWithProgrammableContent. Security has to be considered but since scripting is allowed here it is assumed contributors and readers will excercise good judgement. Code Reuse is possible between readers ie I could create an object by aggregating yours and vice versa. It can foster very dynamic content (which by the way I think the xsl above is a good example).

I could create a working Vector object and use it to explain vectors, you could then use that to create a Matrix object and introduce Matrices, a third person could then use yours to make a page about MatrixMultiplication (all relevant for VB programmers ie for 3D graphics) and so on. It could end up looking like the Matrix Calculator at but all created by Wiki users with the workings viewable, distributed across pages.
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