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[2006.11.10] The login to FTP doesn't work in IE and Firefox.

I have trouble logging in. I have tried via Fire Fox as well as CuteFTP but both say the password is not accepted.
Fixed -- steven black

This wiki provides FTP directories to add graphics to topics, and to share files
I've adjusted the FTP directories for the wiki, at
Authentication (Which will periodically change)
User Name: wikiuser

Therein there are two sub directories:
  • /graphics, for graphics, and in your topics you may alias this directory as img src='graphics/foxpaw.gif', like this:
  • /files, for files. You may alias this directory as files\.
    You don't have to open an ftp session in a DOS box... other than the fact that I kept getting unknown host errors...

    To upload files:
    • Simply click the ftp link above and that will display the folder in the browser window
    • click down to the graphics (or files) folder
    • open a separate Explorer window for your machine
    • drag and drop the files into the browser window
    Required Settings:
    Internet Explorer5.??Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Options - "Web-Based FTP"unchecked
    6.0.2800.1106ISTools - Internet Options - Advanced Options - "Enable folder view for FTP sites"checked
    Mozilla1.4 + I couldn't get this to work. It just says: "Not logged in."
    Try ftp://wikiuser:[email protected]/, (for the current username:password, that is)

    This works with IE5. I'm not sure about other browsers.
    Depends on your setting under Advanced Options for "Web-Based FTP". Make sure this is unchecked. And, no, I don't know who at MS came up with that name and that behavior. In Netscape, just pick File Upload when you're on a FTP URL. -- Randy Pearson
    In IE6.0.2800.1106IS this option is called "Enable folder view for FTP sites" and must be checked -- wgcs
    Do you like all your IE5 favorites to look the same? All (or almost) with the standard IE icon? So wait no more!
    I converted foxpaw.gif to .ico and uploaded it to 'graphics\foxpaw.ico'.
    Just download the file to your drive, then right click in your Fox Wiki favorites entry and select properties/change icon. -- Alex Feldstein

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