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The purpose of this page is to solicit an informal vote by the VFP community as to whether you would consider signing an open letter to Microsoft encouraging them to take VFP marketing and promotion much more seriously. If you would like to add a comment, please do it at the bottom of _ Will Microsoft Market VFP _ Comments, not on this page.
Isn't this all a moot point now? How about just signing at masfoxpro so MS will give some sort of way to continue development of VFP? Sign petition at:
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The question is not whether you endorse any particular draft of such a letter, only whether you're open the idea in general. If you care about the the future of Visual FoxPro, please cast your vote. If and when we complete a draft of this letter, you will have an opportunity to decide whether you're willing to sign it. Anyone who's interested is invited to participate in drafting an Open Letter To Microsoft, but please vote first. If you're too busy, or you're content to leave the writing to others, you will still be doing all of us a great service simply by adding your name to either the Yes or No list.
See (on the Idea Xchg Vfp Utils section of Idea Xchg ) for more, including the most complete list of voter names.
See for my own draft of the Open Letter to Microsoft. If you would like to add your endorsement to this letter as it stands, you should certainly add your name to the Yes list. If you would consider endorsing any variation of such a letter, because you agree that VFP marketing needs to be improved, please add your name to the Yes list, since that is precisely the question. - mda
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How to Vote:

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If you are eager to vote but nervous about attempting to edit a wiki page, please feel free to simply post a message and indicate your vote on IdeaXchg, and someone will be sure to add your name and optional email link into the list for you.
Yes, I would consider signing such an open letter to Microsoft:
I support this idea, and I'd be glad to participate in the writing if enough other people showed an interest. --

Dmitry Artemov (Moscow, Russia)
Carlos Lizana (Osorno, Chile)
José Camacho Vaca (Colima, MEX)
Chu Chee Fang (Sabah, Malaysia)
Samir Malik (Baroda, India)
Rajesh Solanki (Ajmer, INDIA)
Marco Russolo (Trento, ITALY)
Jose Bolivar Manrique (Caracas, Venezuela)
José Daniel Cabrera (Bogota, Colombia)
Ira Wald (Plymouth, MN, USA)
Jean-Pierre Scerri (Gozo, Malta)
Mladen Bavic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Alan Arons (Beachwood, OH, USA)
Kyriakos Leonidou (Limassol, Cyprus)
Rahul Desai (Baroda, India)
Jose Arostegui (Cordoba, Argentina)
Ayub Khan (Dubai, UAE)
Sugata Dutta (Kolkata, India)
Rajesh Rakyan (Kolkata, INDIA)
Sandy S Sanabia (New York, NY, USA)
Don Rapp (Annandale, VA)
Fernando Pardo (USA)
Ron Sheldrick (Essex, UK)
Joe Majestic (Reinholds, PA, USA)
Chet Joglekar (Alpharetta, USA)
Rodrigo Muniz (Brazil)
Vinay Pagaria (Kolkata, India)
Nick Causton (Essex/London, UK)
Edgar Acevedo (Guatemala, Guatemala)
Hugo Ricardo Figueroa (USA)
Kent Lester (Atlanta, GA, USA)
Lou Gonzalez (Miami,FL USA)
Larry Bottoms (Los Angeles, CA)
Nash Bautista (Toronto, Canada)
Sanjay Choubey (Chennai, India)
Vikas Burman (Chandigarh, India)
Jamie Osborn (Melbourne, Australia)
Jack Pannekoek (Victoria, Canada)
Dayna Delavergne (Kerrville, TX)
Kenneth Tamayo (San Juan, PR)
Richard Hearnshaw (Manchester, UK)
Mike Demosthenous (Nicosia, cyprus)
Dave Barrows (Oakland, CA)
Chet Gardiner (San Ramon, CA)
Clark McClendon (Louisiana, USA)
Aslam Abbas (Kuwait)
Stanley John Pereira(Kuwait)
Reygie Blanco (Makati,Philippines)
Ashley Orton (British Columbia, Canada)
Rajeev N.V (Dubai, UAE)
Dave Purnell (Ajax, Canada)
Jim Sibley (Seminole FL,USA)
Khalil Shaddad (Bekaa, Lebanon)
Tore Bleken (Norway)
Nadia Szucs (Toronto, Canada)
Mary Blevins (Florida, USA)
Kevin Marois (Murrieta CA,USA)
Bruce Jensen (Philadelphia PA,USA)
Kurtwood L. Greene (The Bahamas)
Miguel Lopez (Maryland, USA)
Bruce Modick (USA)
DavidBrandon (Hickory NC, USA)
Nicholas Brick (Ireland)
Khalil Jada (L.A., USA)
Nadia Szucs (Toronto, Canada)
Colin Burton (Peterborough, UK)
Alexander Gassiev (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Johan Bisschop
John van den Heuvel (netherlands)
Eric den Doop
Jose Luis Tome (Argentina)
Boudewijn Lutgerink (The Netherlands)
M. A. Scott (USA)
Brian Walsh (Germany)
Jared Baszler
Al Duquette (USA)
Radu Eftodi (Moldova)
Ronald Ramirez FoxPro Developer (Ecuador)
Marshall Stiles (USA)
Forrest Egan (USA)
Troy "The Fox Pro" Harrison (USA)
David Gofman (Russia)
Galina Bogdanova (Russia)
Alex Koch (Russia)
Hale Pringle Ed.D. (USA)
Joji Samano (Philippines)
Andy Needham (South Bend, IN USA)
RayKirk (USA)
Manny dela Cruz (Philippines)
John Roberts (UK)
Boris G. Falin (Ukrain)
Stephen S. Wolfe (USA)
Wayne S. Miller (USA)
Mikel J. Moore (USA)
Adrian Heath (UK)
COLLAUD Bernard (Switzerland)
Steve Hill (USA)
Rajesh Halyal (India)
Don Ervin (Texas,USA)
Muhammad Farooq (Lahore,Pakistan)
John Herron (UK)
James Jernigan (TN, USA)
Kenn Leland(CA, USA)
Thierry Nivelet (France)
Dennis Lim (Manila, Philippines)
Todd Haehn (USA)
Fernando D. Bozzo (Argentino) Ciudad de Coslada / Madrid / Espa?
Philipus B. (Surabaya, Indonesia)
M. Issah (Accra, Ghana)
R. Sedor (NJ, USA)
F. De Baere (Belgium)
Peter Diotte (USA)
Thonnie Suarez (QC, Philippines)
Jim WONG (Hong Kong)
Jayaraman Rajesh (Hong Kong)
Shee-Tuck Kwan (Malaysia)
David Fung (Canada)
Alexandre Lobo (Portugal)
Peter Crabtree (Santa Clarita, USA)
Freddie Herrera (Manila, Philippines)
Dave Ramey (OH, USA)
Daniel Buduru (Romania)
Craig McFarlin (USA)
Gerald SyTa (Manila, Philippines)
Gilles Azria (Switzerland)
Rommel David (Manila, Philippines)
Ronald de Jesus (Los Ba?s, Laguna, Philippines)
Rey Sabud (Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Stuart Green (Kitchener, Canada)
Lorenzo J. Llabres (Donostia, Spain)
Dean H. Brailey (Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.)
Andy Kramek (Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.)
Gil Munk (Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.)
Edgardo P A Araza (Quezon City, Philippines)
Michael Wheat (Davison, Michigan, U.S.A.)
Antonio Lima (Guatemala Ciudad, Central America)
Jonathan Clark (Philadelphia, PA , U.S.A.)
Lonel B. Labit (Manila, Philippines)
Garth Almond (Surrey, UK)
Patrick Kan (Malaysia)
Marco Wotschadlo (Herzogenaurach, Germany)
Juliano Carvalho (Brazil)
Cleosvaldo G. Vieira Jr. (FoxBrasil) (Brazil)
Bill Reinersmann (usa)
Weber Lopes (Bel? - Par?- Brasil)
Steve Stamm (usa)
Tim Engstler (USA)
Mike Gill (USA)
Lou Gonzalez (USA)
Daniel Linardi (Argentina)
Hugo Galan (Argentina)
Adriana Perris (Argentina)
Juan Pablo Moschino (Argentina)
Marius Mutu (Romania)
Augustinus van Diermen (Adelaide, Australia)
M Hanif Chughtai (Karachi, Pakistan)
Chris Valerioti (Oakdale, NY, USA)
Ted Johnson (Naples, FL, USA)
Wilfredo P. Kaami? Jr. (Cagayan de Oro,Philippines)
Stephanie P. Caragos (Cagayan de Oro,Philippines)
Juan Zavala (Puerto Rico)
Rob Anderson (Northamptonshire, UK)
Dave Crozier (Rossendale, UK)
Pascal Schmit (France)
Luis Navas (Guatemala, Guatemala)
Bren Soriano (Manila, Philippines)
Alex E. Luyando (USA)
Gennadiy Grechko (Newmarket, ON, Canada)
F. Charles Waud (Brampton, ON, Canada)
Ian G. Lloyd (Cambridge, ON, Canada)
Ravi Mehrotra (Delhi, ON, India)
Juan Pablo Kuster (Rome, Italy)
Ron -ole- Olson (CA, USA)
Ken Cash (TX, USA)
bimus (Casablanca, Morroco)
Diego Poli (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Norm Ong (Hacienda Heights, USA)
Eddy Noe Noboa (Ecuador,Bronx,NY)
Jorge Luis Vejerano (Panama, Ciudad de Panama)
Vladimir Novotny (Prague, Czech republic)
Grady McCue (Red neck west of Canada)
Craig Boyd (Pipestone, MN, USA)
Zack M. Ahmed (Cleveland, Oh, USA)
Justin Hanekom (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
John Fenton (Sacramento, CA, USA)
David Briggs (Tulsa, OK, USA)
Christopher Huff (Hermitage, TN, USA)
Richard Harlos (Germantown, MD, USA)
Dominic Manley (London, UK)
Tomas Cane (Santiago, Chile)
Gerardo Czajkowski (Posadas, Misiones, Argentina)
Neil Bayin (Ontario, Canada)
Rhapsody Ladiona (Nuku'alofa, Tonga)
David Leeder (B.C., Canada)
John Roberts (London, UK)
Jean Sylvain (Montreal, Canada)
Jorge Aparici Jerico (Castellon, Spain)
Rafael Navarrete Barranco (Castellon, Spain)
Marcelo Ortiz de la Torre (Quito, Ecuador)
Tom Slayton (Amston, CT, USA)
Joe Pak (Dallas, TX, USA)
Zahid Mashhood (Karachi, Pakistan)
Nenad Zdravkovic (Skopje, Macedonia)
Holden Barbadillo (Davao, Philippines)
Dexter Carlit (Nueva Ecija, Philippines)
Dennis Kreuzenstein (Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA)
sassan M (Tehran, Iran)
Victor Espina (Punto Fijo, Venezuela)
Bill Culp (Kitchener,ON Canada)
Edward Kutt (Delray Beach, FL, USA)
Theo Bakker (Alkmaar, The Netherlands)
Yap Seng Hock (Malaysia)
Ravi Taxali (Canada)
Larry Rix (Alpharetta, GA, USA)
Victor E. Torres Tejada (Lima, Perú)
Trey Harris (Clear Lake Shores, Texas)
Oanh Nguyen (Burbank, California)
Carlos Taveira (Ottawa, Canada)
Sohail Khurshid (Magdeburg, Germany)
Ray Kerr (Harrisburg PA)
Rajesh Halyal (Sangli, India)
Fikret Ulug (Istanbul, Turkey)
Fikret Ulug (California, USA)
John Pierce (Georgia, USA)
Eric Cnops (Gent, Belgium)
Ali Hosein Zadeh (Kerman, Iran)
Keith J. Lander (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
Don Higgins (Peoria, IL USA)
Federico Hufenreuter (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Tom Rombouts (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Doru Constantin (Bucharest, Romania)
James Monte (Orlando, Florida)
Raviner Kumar (Punjab, India)

No, I would not consider signing such an open letter to Microsoft:
Nancy Folsom (comments here)
Ed Rauh -- not after the last "Open Letter"
Paul Maskens
Rainer Becker

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