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Will VFP 7 Be Localized

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Will there be versions of VFP 7.0 in foreign languages too?

Early versions of VFP (3 & 5) had a Portuguese version, version 6 didn't (I'm not aware about other languages). As a language, English sometimes can be a problem to many people, having VFP versions in other languages can help, IMO, to spread its use more widely. -- Fernando Alvares
That's a question you'd have to ask Microsoft. -- Alex Feldstein

Sorry, but in some way I already did (please, see thread #493468 Message #493468 - 09/04/2001 06:05:11 at UT) and since then I've seem MS people there. I think that asking directly to, say ..., it would have no other effect. It seems to me that this is not a subject that deserves much attention to be replied to, but to those non-English speaking people it is very very important, IMHO (as to VFP's future, too). So I asked here, because some of the nice folks in this wiki could have the answer to my question. -- Fernando Alvares
Well, I have good news for everyone, I guess we haven't provided this information to anybody and I want to ensure that it's disseminated here. We will localize Visual FoxPro 7.0 in German and Spanish. In addition of these 2 we will also provide runtimes localized for the versions we have always localized: French, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Czech, Russian and Korean. Hope this helps!!!-- Ricardo Wenger
Is there a way for an end user (developer) to localize a version? For instance, I know someone who would builds Romanian apps, and would really like the messagebox() buttons to be in Romanian. -- CFK
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