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Windows 10 Project Centennial

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
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Project centennial is the key as one of the Universal Windows Platform Bridges ( ),
that will, according to John Sheehan from MS on build 2015, ( )
provide win32 apps the ability to run anywhere and do anything a Universal Windows App can do.

You will be able to use XAML as your UI for VFP apps, and run vfp apps on surface , xbox or windows phones
( proven your app needs no admin rights ).

MS even brought back threads and sockets to windows 10 ( again, there will be just one common windows 10 for all platforms )
to get win32 running "as is".

The path MS is offering is more covenient, because:

-You can continue using and deploying VFP as a Universal App ( appx ) as is

-You'll be able to create vfp apps that provide or consume data from/to windows band , holo lens , windows phone for example by
learning and using the Universal Windows Application model and services through the bridge from Win32.

-Universal Windows Apps sits on the app container model, data contracts, app activations, view port awareness, new UI
you'll be able to use from VFP.

-If you wish, replace at your pace the current UI with modern XAML or Html


The build session about the new app model for Win32 apps:

from :

" Windows 10 "added over 2,500 new classes to the Universal Windows Platform API set for a total of over 8,600 new APIs,
a 60% increase from Windows 8.1. With Windows 10 we also increased the .NET API set by 26%
and the Win32 and COMs API set by 48%. !! " ( bolds mine )

"Introducing the Universal Windows Platform Bridges"
( ) :

”Project Centennial” will make it possible to package and publish
your current .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store,
providing a new way of distributing and monetizing your application on Windows PCs.

"Project Centennial": Enables developers to package and publish their existing .NET and Win32-based Windows
applications to the Windows Store. Developers can also use Centennial to call common UWP APIs and services."

In addition to packaging your application for Store distribution, ”Project Centennial”
will also enable you to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform capabilities and APIs.

More information about ”Project Centennial” will be made available in Summer 2015. "

you can sign up for previews of the bridge toolkits here:
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