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Windows 10 vs VFP 9

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New to FoxPro Wiki, bear with me...

Been using VFP9 on Vista & Windows7 for years, NO PROBLEMS, all my home-use hobby-based
VFP 9 Apps (Home-Brews!) work super. Have had ZERO Windows crashes (not related to my coding!),
unlike dBase, which I 'grew-up' with...


Have any of you Windows 10 Beta-Testers out there had any probs with VFP9 vs W10...

Enquiring Minds Want To Know...!

Respectfully Submitted
Dennis Skiffington // Hammond, LA

VFP 9 works just fine in Windows 10. 2015-08-21

Doug Hennig
( Topic last updated: 2015.08.21 09:46:26 AM )