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From the Sourceforge Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset project web page :
The Windows Installer XML (Wi X) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolset supports a command line environment that developers may integrate into their build processes to build MSI and MSM setup packages.

Robert Scoble blogs about Wi X and posts a 57-minute video interview with the Rob Mensching and other members of the Wi X 'virtual team' on Channel 9 .

Wi X is two years old today, April 05, 2006. Creator Rob Mensching looks back over the history of the project and talks about its future direction on his blog .

MSDN has an article by Rob Mensching entitled Using the WiX Toolset to Integrate Setup into Your Development Process . You can also read Rob's blog about his article . Thanks to Rick Borup for this info.

Rob Mensching blogs that yesterday -- April 05, 2005 -- marks the one year anniversary of the release of Wi X under an open source license on Source Forge.

Rob has started blogging a series of articles entitled Deciphering the MSI Directory Table. The first one is here . Each article is back-linked to the previous one, so if you're using a browser rather than a feed reader you may want to start with the most recent one (#4 as of 12-Jul-2005) and work backwards.

October 1, 2005 - Rob Mensching blogs that Wi X has a new home on the Web. The new URL is .

News from the user interface front... As of v2.0.3220.0 Wi X now comes with its own user interface templates. The Wi X download now includes three versions of a user interface in the form of 'wixlib' files that you can easily incorporate into your Wi X source file with a UIRef tag. See the Wi X Help file or the WiX tutorial for more information. Separately, the WixTool user interface editor is available from . Two versions are available; their version numbers indicate both are currently in pre-release status.

November 30, 2005 - Rob Mensching blogs that Wi X will add support for the upcoming version 4.0 of Windows Installer.

December 22, 2005 - Rob Menshing blogs on blogs on
"How the Wi X toolset got it's name."
The latest version of the WiX toolset makes a change that could affect your current compile and link steps. If you're using one of the Wi X user interface files (wixui_featuretree.wixlib, wixui_minimal.wixlib, and wixui_mondo.wixlib), Wi X v2.0.3719.0 requires a localization file to be referenced in at link time. The Wi X download includes a U.S. English localization file named WiXUI_en-us.wxl. This is a standard XML file you can edit for other languages.

Using a project named wixdemo as an example, your compile and link steps prior to v2.0.3719.0 might have been:
candle wixdemo.wxs
light -out wixdemo.msi wixdemo.wixobj wixui_mondo.wixlib

Under v2.0.3719.0 the compile (candle) step remains the same but the link must incorporate the localization file using the -loc parameter, like this:
light -out wixdemo.msi wixdemo.wixobj wixui_mondo.wixlib -loc wixui_en-us.wxl

As before, you need to include the element in your Wi X source file, which would be wixdemo.wxs in this example, in order to incorporate a Wi X user interface into your setup.

-Rick Borup

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