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Namespace: VFP
XFRX - Export VFP reports to PDF, Word, Excel and HTML

XFRX is a tool for transforming Visual Foxpro reports to PDF, MS Word and HTML documents.

XFRX is very fast and precise, the generated documents look the same as the original reports. It supports reports merging, interactive features - hyperlinks and bookmarks/outlines - in the output documents, text rotation in PDF, document encryption, font embedding (see manual and demo reports for more details).

XFRX also enables previewing the report output in a container object within your forms.
The PDF part doesn't require any special printer drivers or other third-party tools, the documents are generated directly from VFP.
To generate word documents, XFRX requires Word 2000 or higher to be installed.

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Recently Added Features
  • Export to Excel Spreadsheets ~ using real Excel columns not pasted text boxes
  • Save A Report to a file for later report generation in any XFRX export format
  • The preview container now supports bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • XFRX 11.2 Just Released
  • XFRX 15.0 released March 2014
  • XFRX 15.6 released 21 August 2015
  • Now supports Open Office (OASIS) file type output.
  • Now supports MS Office 2007 file type output.
    XFRX website:

    PDF Creation - Simplest Usage
    loSession = xfrx ('XFRX#INIT')
    nRetVal = loSession.SetParams ("C:\Temp\MyPdfFile.Pdf",,,,,,"PDF")
    If nRetVal = 0
        loSession.ProcessReport ("MyReport.Frx")
    Release oSession

    PDF Creation - Files Needed to Run XFRX
    You must place ZLIB.dll, HNDLIB.dll, md5.fll and xfrxlib.fll in the directory where your compiled EXE resides. These files are not windows system files and should not be registered with the Windows system. IOW do not use REGSVR32 with these files.

    Contributors: Dave Nantais Fernando Alvares

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