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Some useful XML links for further reading
XML Design Patterns

Over 1000 links for XML and WAP

XSL free software community


XSLT Basic Troubleshooting

Microsoft XSL ISAPI Filter 2.0

XSL-List - Open Forum on XSL

XML Portal

XSLT Test Tool Installer

Ask the XML Pro. Excellent.

IBM's XML developer's site.

BizTalk: An XML FrameWork for application integration and electronic commerce. Supported by Microsoft A competing XML Repository to the BizTalk repository.Organized by Sun. Online magazine devoted to XML

The Xml Files The Wide Web Consortium - the standard body in charge of XML


Microsoft's XML Developers home page with tutorials and examples

Download Microsoft's XSLT Samples Viewer


IBM: XML glossary

Hotwired: Webmonkey - What the ?XML! Graphic Communications Association's What is XML page

CNET: Master Builder: The truth about XML XML Reference

DevX: Using XML Stylesheet Language Transformations
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