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XML To Cursor

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Can be used to Read in an XML file into a cursor so you can use FoxPro commands on it. Can accept a string or a filename, even a SOAP call.

If you use XMLTOCURSOR without schema, there are some gotchas. Some elements in XML will be misinterpreted by the XMLTOCURSOR function, even generate an error. Here are some that I found:
  1. 0 will be converted to logical .F. (false) and 1 becomes logical .T. (true)
  2. An element that only has a dot "." (one or more) will generate a type error
  3. An element that has more than one zeroes and only zeroes will generate a type error
-- Neil Bayin
( Topic last updated: 2005.08.11 01:26:30 PM )