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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Here's an interesting website with a growing list of XML design patterns:

I've asked this before, and not sure what the answer was, but are topics like this encouraged on the wiki? The moment this site goes down this is a totally useless wiki topic, as opposed to now, where its a mostly useless topic. We've seen it before. Pages of just links are OK, as long as they are supposed to be just links, like XML Lin Ks. Any comments? -- Mike Helland

Well, as you know, there are no rules here :-). But I see your point. It usually goes like this: in time either we'll have our own hive of XMLPatterns topics, or we won't. If it stays empty we can refactor this using a #REDIRECT Wiki Line One Directives. So let's see what happens. For now this is just an opening into this area of discourse. A wiki is infinitely better for catalogging and discussing patterns than some mostly static catalog like the link above...-- Steven Black
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