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Yearly Donation

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Regular users are encouraged to make a voluntary yearly donation towards flying this wiki.

You are under no obligation to make a donation. Nonetheless, thank you for considering it.

Donate Online
  1. Using Paypal

  2. Using -- you may already have an account with Amazon.

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Donate Offline
  1. Via email with your name, credit card number, expiration date, and an amount ($25 recommended).

    Click to donate via email Click to donate via email Click to donate via email [email protected]

  2. Courrier or Post Mail
    • check,
    • cash,
    • gift certificates,
    • fine wines and scotches,
    • bullion, sterling, and other precious metals in bars or coins,
    • premium NHL tickets in Montreal, Toronto, or Ottawa,
    • or instructions for using your
      • ski-in/ski-out chalet,
      • waterfront property,
      • fishing camp,
      • yacht,
      • snowmobiles,
      • corporate box,
      • corporate jet,
      • or air miles.
    Steven Black Consulting
    57 Kenwoods Circle
    Kingston, ON
    K7K 6Y1 Canada

Thanks! StevenBlack
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