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Yuri Rubinov

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I was born in the first half of the previous century in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Since sixties I was lucky enough to witness ongoing changes in the programming world. As an application scientist and an engineer in laser optics I spent many years frequently using programming as a tool and never thought it would become my everyday business and profession.

I started with Mainframe and early Russian PC like "Iskra" ("spark") where Algol69, Fortran and Basic -like languages were used. That times my PC boxes were always open to be available for small repairs needed almost every day. And preparation to run the job on mainframe included creating punch cards that only technician stuff was allowed to do. It was so times consuming that to avoid delays I used razor to quickly fix punch cards made by technicians from the text of my program.

Coming to USA in my middle ages I was lucky to find a steady job in programming (though news in optics and scientific publications continue to draw my attention and interest, and I still teach Math and Physics having students ages from 5 to 35). Working with C/C++, Oracle and Basic I also gradually became familiar with FoxPro where I was surprised with the language flexibility, resources and its ability to be used in quite different areas. Visual FoxPro remains my favorite, but the technology is changing, so I am changing too. And the good thing is that I am able to support existing applications and to create new applications when using Visual FoxPro 9/8/7/6/5, VB.NET, FoxPro for DOS, VB and VBA, SQL, Oracle, Access, and JAVA. On programming/developer forums like www.foxite,com,,, and others, you may find my replies, advises, solutions to the problems, and useful tools I have offered.

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