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Zip Code

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Zip Code

USA Term for Postal Codes.

5 digit # corresponds to City / State (sometimes multiple city / states, sometimes muliple zips per city)
They also include Guam and other territories.

Zip+4 adds 4 digits that narrows it down to street/address level.

Are there any Free sources for lists of Zip Code s? It seems that the USPS provides continually updated Zip Code lists at a high premium.... it seems like an information item that should be somehow free to everybody, since the USPS needs it anyway for their internal functioning, and distributing it over the 'net wouldn't cost a dime anymore. (back, 10 years ago, when distributing updates requires some HUGE media, like a CD ;) it's understandable they had to charge. but now, all it would take is bandwidth on a server.) - ?wgcs

While not free, I'm pretty cheap:
UK Postodes. These are more precise than 5-digit US zipcodes. There are 27 million of them; each code identifies a single street, city block or large building. The syntax rules are somewhat complicated, but they do follow a systematic pattern. For further information:
Validating UK Postcodes in Visual FoxPro
Parsing and validating UK postcodes in SQL Server

Can someone please give as succinct a description for Canadian PostalCodes

Canadian Addressing Guide

Canada has 6 Character Postal Codes in the form of ANA NAN. As a general rule, the higher the first letter, and less generally but typically the higher the postal code is alphabetically, the further West it is within Canada. Exception: if the second digit is zero (0) then this means it's rural which, in Canada, means wilderness baby. If the second digit is not zero, then it is in a village or a city. If you're going somewhere in Canada that has a "0" for a second character in the postal code, the odds of meeting somebody wearing a suit and tie is nearly nil unless it's for a wedding, a funeral, or a trial.
First Digit of Postal Code Province or Territory
A Newfoundland and Labrador
B Nova Scotia
C Prince Edward Island
E New Brunswick
G Quebec
H Quebec
J Quebec
K Ontario
L Ontario
M Ontario
N Ontario
P Ontario
R Manitoba
S Saskatchewan
T Alberta
V British Columbia
X Northwest Territories and Nunavut
Y Yukon Territory

Australian Postcode is a 4 digit number

Postcode Starts WithState
1Administrative codes e.g. large reply paid and PO Boxes
8Administrative codes e.g. large reply paid and PO Boxes
9Administrative codes e.g. large reply paid and PO Boxes

For more info and to download a CSV file with all Australian Post Codes, See

-- Andrew Coates

Lots more details on international addressing at Frank's Compulsive Guide

-- Geoff Franklin
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